Angry Birds Star Wars APK v1.5.13 (MOD, Unlimited Boosters)

Some games leave their footprints for a long time, Angry Birds Star Wars APK is one of those games. The game was quite fun for players who like fighting between pigs and birds. Initially, the game was designed on an old story of galaxies where rebel birds and huge crowds of pigs (as an army) fight each other. Birds attack pigs from hidden places like building bases and behind the walls. Download the latest version of Angry Birds Star Wars APK to enjoy the game at its fullest.

Additional Information

Application NameAngry Birds Star Wars
DeveloperRovio Entertainment Ltd.
RequirementAndroid 4.1 and above
Size46.6 MB
App PriceFree
Last Updated08/06/2023
Angry Birds Star Wars APK

The birds had won their first war against those evil pig troops. The tricky point in the game for birds was to steal secret plans. Once they succeeded in this plan, it would be easier for them to win the battle of the Empire. Without the need for your help, birds can’t win their wars. Therefore you are the hero for birds.

The great epic adventure game Angry Birds Star Wars APK is introduced by Star Wars Universal. Star Wars Universal is a famous game provider in the market. They have provided great games like Lego Star Wars, Battlefront II, Dark Forces, and Jedi Knight. Angry Birds Star Wars is one of their most recognized projects. The game is designed so that every player likes it. After the big success of this game, the company released other games similar to Angry Birds, but they have yet to gain such popularity.

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Gameplay Of Angry Birds Star Wars APK

Regarding the gameplay of Angry Birds Wars APK one thing is clear: everyone who played this game has enjoyed it. First, the game starts from a dark black sky with some bright planets. This is because the complete game story revolves around space, stars, galaxies, and the sky. Sky and space is the place where pigs and birds fight each other.

To get started, you have to click on a star first. That star would be the field of battle for both pigs and birds. You can zoom out to check your whole galaxy space out there. When you see your galaxy, you can also observe all available planets where you fight the next levels of the game. Each planet of angry birds space represents a game level.

Spacey black background is the thing players enjoy it. Angry birds are the main characters of this game. As a player, all these birds are your soldiers, and they can walk in space. The whole space and its necessary elements are designed for you. The space environment is the only thing that lets you feel like you are in space and handling those angry birds there. Four angry birds break the pig blocks and buildings in the first few levels.

Angry Birds are projectiles for your slingshot weapon. You have only a limited number of these projectiles. It would be best if you were careful before firing. The important thing about this game is to target the weakest point of the building. When you send your angry bird to the weak point of those blocks to attack, the whole building falls with power.

Features of Angry Birds Star Wars APK

Although the game is discontinued due to some of its features it is still popular and people are still searching for the game. Those attractive features are as below;

  • Simplicity
  • Smoothness
  • Satisfaction
  • Levels
  • Graphics
  • Story


Simplicity is the main power of attraction for this game, attracting everyone to play it with full joy. The game is designed so that when new players start playing it, he feels it is very easy and simple. All players think they can pass all levels of this game easily. Although some advanced level of this game is not that easy, the simplicity of the game forces people to keep it continuing.


All controls of Angry Birds Star Wars APK are as simple as they are real. When you use a slingshot to send angry birds on target, it looks like a real slingshot with its sound and smooth functionality. Pulling power of only available weapons is designed as if you are using a real object in the game. If you pull with the power, it goes far; when you pull it with less power, the angry birds don’t go so far toward the target. So smoothness is one of the key features for the popularity of this game.


There is a kind of satisfaction when you attack the pigs” blocks through the flock of birds and see their huge houses collapse. This contentment helps you stay happy and helps you deal with problems like depression and anxiety. Play the game and enjoy seeing the of the evil forces fall.


Game levels are very interesting; you attack huge and complicated pig houses step by step. All levels are designed in space on different types of planets. Conquer planets one by one and reach new levels. The size of the houses and the number of angry birds on each level can vary. Unlocking new levels depends on how long you complete the previous level.


Efforts have been made to optimize the game’s graphics to the utmost. Good graphics will feel during the game. Be it the space design, the layout of the planets, or the costumes of the game’s characters, everything has been designed exactly as per its requirements.


You continue the game with more interest because it is based on a beautiful story. The story is about the wars between pigs and angry birds in space millions of years ago. Where the pigs succeed in invading space as a force of evil. Angry birds are your army, and with their help, you have to destroy the homes of these evil forces. This battle is the basis of this game which makes it more interesting.

With all these core features, many other great features are placed in-game. When you play Angry Birds Star Wars APK, you will enjoy its whole gameplay and features.

Can you still get Angry Birds Star Wars APK?

Angry Birds Star Wars APK

Although this game has yet to be released with updated versions, you can still download it from many places on the internet. Officially, the game management has removed it from Play Store. In its place, they have brought new games that give you the Angry Bird test. These games are similar to older games, but some features have been enhanced. With these new features, you can play this game in a new way. But if you naturally want the same old game to make you enjoy playing, you can also download this game.


Why Was Angry Birds Star Wars APK removed?

The original developer company discontinued the Angry Birds Star wars APK because of old technology used in-game. With old technologies, they didn’t keep it continuing.

Will Angry Birds Star Wars come back?

The simple answer to this question is no, but still, you can download some of the same nature games developed by the same company.

What are the best alternatives to Angry Birds Wars?

There are multiple other games in the same genre, like Angry Birds. Some of the great alternative games for angry birds star wars apk are:

  • Planet Alpha
  • Angry Birds Friends
  • Angry Birds Latex
  • Angry Birds Party
  • Anagram Angry Birds
  • And more

How to update Angry Birds Star Wars?

Although the game is not being officially released and updated, by searching the internet, you will find sources from where you can download the updated version of this game. But remember, avoid third-party updates when the company is not releasing new updates. This is necessary for the security of your device and the protection of your data. If you are looking for new updates to an old game, it is better to use alternative games that have been freshly released by the company and have addressed security and other issues. You will easily find such games on the play store.

What other Angry Birds games have we removed?

There are thousands of Angry birds, and many of these games are closed and no more available on their official sources. Some of them are:

  • Angry Birds Action
  • Angry Birds free
  • Angry Birds lite Beta
  • Angry Birds Career Test
  • Angry Birds Go Countdown
  • Angry Birds GO Create
  • And more…


Angry Birds Star Wars APK is one of the great old games. The game provides you with many fun opportunities, like eliminating pigs and their homes and passing new game levels in the form of conquering new planets in space. The complete game is based on an old story where angry birds attack pigs which are evil forces of the game. The gameplay of angry bird is quite simple and entertaining. Accepting challenges in a huge black dark space is a fun experience given to you by the game developers.

The game has many amazing features like easiness anyone can play it. The control of the game is smooth. You have easy access to necessary action-taking options and buttons. The game is one kind of satisfaction activity for people who are bored and need to learn how to spend their free time. The graphics of the game will amaze you from all angles.

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