Download Eternium Mod APK v1.7.9 (Unlimited Everything)

Welcome to a realm of otherworldly adventure and magic with Eternium Mod APK, a gem among mobile role-playing games (RPGs). This spellbinding game offers the perfect blend of classic style and modern design, creating a memorable gameplay experience. Eternium stands out with its unique and innovative “draw signs to cast spells” feature and a transparent, player-friendly approach, providing an engaging way to defeat the forces of darkness and become the hero of your own epic story.

Additional Information

Eternium Mod APK
App NameEternium
DeveloperMaking Fun
Size136 MB
RequiredAndroid 4.0+
Last Updated05/08/2023
App PriceFree

Eternium Mod APK brings the high-fantasy world right into the palm of your hand, and with its modded version, you will enjoy an enhanced gaming experience. The modded features provide players with unlimited resources, allowing you to advance in the game more swiftly. Unleashing your character’s full potential has never been easier. The Mod APK is also designed to function smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms, making the game more accessible to players worldwide.

Despite the infinite resources, Eternium Mod APK does not compromise the challenging and intriguing aspects that made the original game so beloved. The game captures the essence of traditional RPGs while also incorporating user-friendly concepts and captivating narratives. This intricate balance ensures that players remain invested in the world of Eternium.

Eternium Mod APK

Gameplay of Eternium Mod APK

Embarking on your journey in Eternium Mod APK, you can choose among three playable characters – Warrior, Mage, or Bounty Hunter – each with a distinct set of skills and abilities. As the game progresses, you have the freedom to evolve your character by acquiring new equipment, improving abilities, and mastering powerful spells. Unlike typical RPGs, Eternium employs a unique control scheme, allowing you to draw specific patterns on the screen to cast spells, introducing an engaging tactile aspect to the gameplay.

The gameplay in Eternium Mod APK is an excellent blend of thrilling combat and strategic decision-making. The game offers a plethora of enemies to defeat and multiple world maps to explore, each filled with hidden secrets and challenging quests. You’ll fight against a diverse roster of adversaries ranging from lowly creatures to epic bosses, requiring you to adapt your strategies and fully utilize your character’s abilities. The modded version’s unlimited resources ensure that you’re always well-equipped for these encounters.

Exploring the diverse landscapes in Eternium Mod APK is a rewarding adventure in itself. From eerie dungeons to majestic castles, each setting is intricately designed to enhance your immersion in the game world. As you traverse these lands, you’ll discover various loot, enabling you to enhance your gear and further power up your character. With the Mod APK, you have the added advantage of immediate access to high-grade equipment, making your exploration more thrilling. Despite the numerous challenges that await, victory is always within reach with Eternium Mod APK.

Eternium Mod APK


Diverse Characters

Eternium offers three distinct playable classes: the Warrior, the Mage, and the Bounty Hunter. Each class provides a unique play style with its own set of abilities, allowing players to choose the one that best suits their strategy.

Engaging Combat System

Eternium’s combat system is intuitive yet in-depth. The game allows you to use a variety of tactics to defeat your enemies, from casting spells to using melee and ranged attacks. This diversity keeps the combat experience fresh and engaging.

Unique Controls

One of the standout features of Eternium is its unique control system. Instead of tapping or swiping, players can draw signs on the screen to cast spells. This offers a unique, tactile element to gameplay that’s rarely seen in mobile RPGs.

Wide Range of Enemies

From small goblins to mighty dragons, Eternium features a vast array of enemies. Each enemy type has its strengths and weaknesses, challenging players to adapt their strategies accordingly.

Eternium Mod APK

Richly Detailed Environments

Eternium includes a variety of diverse environments, each carefully designed and filled with secrets to discover. The landscapes range from dark dungeons to beautiful outdoor locales, providing a richly detailed world to explore.

Offline Playability

Unlike many other RPGs, Eternium allows you to play offline. This feature gives you the flexibility to enjoy the game even when you’re without an internet connection.

Rewarding Progression System

The game includes a rewarding progression system. By defeating enemies and completing quests, players can level up their character, unlock new abilities, and obtain powerful equipment.

Unlimited Resources

Eternium Mod APK provides players with unlimited resources, such as gems and coins. This feature enables rapid character progression, allowing players to unlock abilities and purchase equipment with ease.

Access to Premium Features

The Mod APK unlocks access to premium features that would otherwise require in-game purchases. This includes special equipment and exclusive spells that greatly enhance your character’s capabilities.

Improved Graphics

The Mod APK version of Eternium boasts improved graphics over the original game. This offers players a more immersive and visually stunning gameplay experience.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Eternium Mod APK is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that more players can enjoy the game, regardless of their device type.

How to download Eternium Mod APK?

To download Eternium Mod APK, follow these steps:

  • Click on the download button or link available on this page of our website to initiate the download process. You may be prompted to select a download location on your device.
  • After the download is complete, locate the downloaded Mod APK file in your device’s file manager or Downloads folder.
  • Before installing the Mod APK, make sure that your device allows installations from unknown sources. To do this, go to Settings > Security (or Privacy) and enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Tap on the Eternium Mod APK file to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.
  • Once the installation is finished, you should see the Eternium App icon on your device’s home screen or app drawer.

Launch the Eternium Mod APK and start enjoying the game!


What is Eternium Mod APK?

Eternium Mod APK is a modified version of the popular RPG game, Eternium. It provides players with added features like unlimited resources and access to premium content, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Is Eternium Mod APK safe to download?

While the safety of Mod APKs can depend on the source, it’s recommended to download such files from trusted sites. Always ensure your device is protected with up-to-date antivirus software.

What are the unique features of Eternium Mod APK?

Eternium Mod APK offers unique features like unlimited resources, improved graphics, full character customization, and cross-platform compatibility.

Can I play Eternium Mod APK offline?

Yes, similar to the original game, Eternium Mod APK also supports offline play, allowing you to enjoy the game without an internet connection.

How do I install Eternium Mod APK on my device?

To install Eternium Mod APK, download the file from a trusted source. Once downloaded, locate the file and tap on it to start the installation process. If prompted, enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in your device’s settings.


Eternium Mod APK takes an already fantastic game to the next level by offering added features and improvements, such as unlimited resources and improved graphics. The game’s unique controls, coupled with its engaging narrative, make it a standout in the world of mobile RPGs. Whether you’re a veteran gamer or a newcomer, Eternium Mod APK offers an immersive and satisfying role-playing experience that’s worth exploring.

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