Games for Brain Exercise – 10 Best Brain Games for Kids

The mind is the most valuable part and weapon of us humans. Like the rest of the body, it also has exercises, these are games for brain exercises. Think of the magic you can do in the world if your most powerful organ starts working properly with just practice.

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We have selected some of the top best games for the brain from the best-researched games that you can play to strengthen your brain muscles. Let’s talk about the benefits of brain games.

Benefits of Brain Games

Our brain has two parts; one part is used to understand complex problems, to solve them, and to be aware of them. While the other part of the brain keeps the pictures of things in the mind and analyzes what decision to make. Simply we have two Hemispheres of the brain Right Hemisphere and the left Hemisphere. People who have active right-hemisphere minds can do these things in a great way.

  • Art
  • Creating new things
  • Imagination
  • Ideology
  • Insights
  • Powerful Thoughts
  • Best Left-hand Control

People who have left their brains active can do these things in a better way.

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Logic
  • Languages
  • Reasoning
  • Connections between things
  • Math and formula processing
  • Writing Abilities
  • Numeric Skills
  • Best Right-Hand Control
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All these games mentioned below will help you train your both brain parts. Some of the great games for brain exercise are:

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Top 10 Games for the Brain

Let’s know about each of them in detail.


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Want to improve your short-term memory play Sudoku it is one of the best games for brain exercise. In Sudoku you have to complete Sudoku puzzles with the help of trail sequences. Playing with boxes, sequences, numbers, and scores will train your mind muscles. There are multiple ways to play Sudoku you can play it online, on paper, and through an app. Your mind will gradually train itself through the easy-to-hard levels of this game.


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When it comes to brain practices Scrabble is always on top of the list. This is one of the great brain-enriching games. Every age group tries to play Scrabble to prove their wisdom, sharpness, and real mind jobs. This is the game where you will play with letters and words. Scrabble can easily train your mind for any difficult task.


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Lumosity is not only a game but it is a huge mental fitness program designed practically as a game. Lumosity is at the top of most established brain training games. It is free for all players who want to play 3 games per day if you want to play more you have to have a subscription service or choose any suitable plan for you. It’s a fun-based brain activity training program that is designed after deep research and experiments. Spending time on Lumosity is very valuable.


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According to the GFTB (brain productivity and IQ-related famous website), Dragger is at the top of the list of best games for brain exercise. This is an IQ test and mind exercise online game for people who want to improve their brain abilities. You can play it with matching right images, and their parts on a digital canvas. The game will show your score in the top right corner. Drag images and make a complete image. this simple task will examine how much your brain can do difficult tasks.

Brain Gymmer

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Although it is not a game but a complete brain-based game-type website for people who want to build their brain muscles strong. You can play on their website there are different ways to practice your brain. All the methods and techniques used on this website are tested and proven by researchers and experts. So Braingymmer is the best place to train your mind.


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Chess is considered to be the best brain game in the world. It is also included in the most difficult games. In general, it activates your brain. But playing this game is recommended for people who believe that their mind is very strong and can take on any challenge. Therefore it’s not at the top of the list of brain games.

CogniFit Brain

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Improving cognitive abilities is always best for brain productivity. To improve cognitive mind activities like memory, concentration, focus, fun, sleekness, and addictiveness you have to play this game which was designed by neuroscientists. This game is also recommended by CNN heal experts. You can their other games for brain exercise on this link.

Personal Zen

Games for Brain Exercise

Games that provide you with real-life experience to train your game are always great Personal Zen will allow you to follow two animated characters one of them is cool and a friend while the other one is angry and an enemy. You will handle the one who is against you and maintain the one who is in your favor. All this needs your real mind working abilities. This game will help you with that. The game was designed and developed by Dennis and Hunter College researchers from New York City. This game will improve your habit of thinking and analyzing things correctly.


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If we are happy all things usually work better. Our all best decision depends on our moods. To be more productive we have to train our brains happier. This is possible through different techniques. With Happify you can train your brain happier. This app will help bring your good ideas to the top. When you have good things in your mind you will be happy. And this game will help you out in this regard. The game will let you think about positive thoughts, show gratitude, cope with stress, positive psychology, and more.


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This app consists of different brain training programs. Elevate can train your mind for the best educational results. This app is free for anyone. This is a center of writing, reading, and speaking by customizing your brain training.

Games for brain exercise for Kids

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The above-mentioned games are equally useful for people of all ages, now we mention some games which are specially designed in such a way that they are helpful in the mental development of children and children play them with great interest. Be sure to take your kids to these sources of mind games.

  • Braingymmer
  • Khan Academy Kids
  • Candy Factory
  • Logic Bells
  • Spot the difference
  • And more

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We must take care of our best gift given by nature, the brain. Just as physical exercise is essential for health, mental exercise is also important for the development of mental abilities. Never underestimate your brain and its capabilities. Train your brain with the help of all the above methods and games for brain exercises. Everything seems difficult and impossible in the beginning but becomes easy and useful with constant hard work and practice. Practice all these mind games and keep your mind strong, fresh, and cool always.

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