Download Hill Climb Racing APK 1.58 (MOD + Unlimited Money)

The Hill Climb Racing APK is a puzzle base game, and it is a very addictive game. The game was offered by Fingersoft on 22/Sep/2012 and has awesome features. The game theme is that you must get high scores, like the highest possible score you need to get. The hill climb racing APK is one of the popular games with more than five hundred Million downloads on google(google play store). So now you will understand better how popular this game is.

Additional Information

Application NameHill Climb Racing APK
Application Size81.3 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.4 and Up
App PriceFree
Hill Climb Racing APK

Gameplay of Hill Climb Racing APK

The basic game story of Hill Climb Racing APK is that you must achieve the highest score. When you start playing the game, you will understand the game theme. It is an offline physics-based game in which you have to drive as far as you can drive the car. Because the game has endless maps or stages and otherwise, while driving, you also need to collect all available coins on the way you pass through. However, these coins are like money; in the game, you can call them “gems,” and you can buy any car and upgrade your cars with them.

Hill Climb Racing APK Features

  • Customizable vehicles
  • Several kinds of vehicles
  • Endless maps
  • Offline play
  • Design your car(Garage mode)
  • Graphics of game

Customizable vehicles

Many vehicles are available in the hill climb racing APK, and you can customize your vehicles. You can customize everything about your vehicles, like being able to upgrade your car engine, suspensions, tires, and much more. But you have to earn coins because when you upgrade your cars, it will ask you to buy and use them for buying purposes.

Several kinds of vehicles

In this game, you will get several vehicle options, and you can select any vehicle. You may get more than 29k plus vehicles in this fascinating game. Each vehicle has its powers, and you must complete all levels to discover more. You will get more awesome cars when you always play the game and complete the mission. On the other hand, you can also upgrade any car because many customizable car options are available.

Hill Climb Racing APK Unlock over 30 Vehicles

Endless maps

The story of the game is different from other games because there is no end to any map in this game. The hill climb racing apk is an endless game like there are more than 28 maps available, but these all are endless, meaning you have to drive your vehicle as far as possible. Somehow it depends on your driving skills. If you are good at driving, you can get the highest scores; if you are not, you must improve your skills.

Offline play

One of the best things about the hill climb game is that you can play it offline. Because on google, you will get several similar games like it, but that doesn’t have an offline mode. If at any time you feel bored, you can play it offline without an internet connection, and it doesn’t matter where you are. Most players love to play it, and the biggest reason they love this is because it is offline playable.

Design your car(Garage mode)

You may be unaware of this garage mode if you have never played this game. The garage mode allows you to create or design your car as you want. Unfortunately, it would help if you had coins to unlock this amazing feature, and you just need more than 300 gems. When you unlock it, you can create your car like many players want to design cars as they want. Now it allows you to make your car with all types of powers as you want and enjoy.

Hill Climb Racing APK Upgrade your vehicles

Graphics of game

The graphics of the game are too good, and you may feel a smooth gaming experience. However, it is too compatible with all low and high devices, which means you can play it on any device. Overall, the graphics and background sound very interesting, which is why people love to play this amazing game.


  • You can play its official version on both IOS And Android
  • The APK File is not compatible with IOS
  • You can play it on any Android device and tablet
  • Your device must have Android version 4.4 or above before it
  • Before installing the Hill Climb turn on the “unknown sources” from settings
  • And connect the device with a better connection to the internet

How to download Hill Climb Racing on Google Play?

  • It’s not too hard to download this amazing application, but many users don’t know the process of downloading and the process of installation. Just follow the steps which are given below.
  • First of all, found download as mentioned button on Google Play Store.
  • Press on that download button to download the file
  • The file will begin to download
  • Before pressing the button, connect your device to a better connection to the internet to download this file fast

How to install Hill Climb Racing?

  • When a file downloads into your device
  • Minimize the chrome and open (device) file manager and open the download folder
  • click on the hill climb racing file to install it
  • This procedure might take some minutes
  • After this, click and open the game and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hill Climb Racing APK?

The hill climb is a physics-based game in which you must drive as far as you can because it has endless maps. You have to achieve the highest scores to win rewards.

Can we play Hill Climb Racing APK offline?

Yes, you can play hill climb racing offline anywhere and anytime.

How to download hill climb on pc?

There is no specific version for pc, but you can download it from the blue stacks Android emulator.


The game Hill Climb Racing APK has some exciting features, and the controls are very simpler. Like anyone can play it easily, if someone is playing it for the first time after two to three games, he will understand anything about it. However the game is simple to play, but the gaming experience is too good. Overall the graphics, smoothness, and surprises enhanced the gaming experience.

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