Download Hills of Steel Mod APK v5.5.2 Unlimited Coins

Hills of Steel Mod APK is a war action game where tanks play the main role to eliminate enemies and opponent forces. The physics, sounds, and graphics are the game designed perfectly. Get your tank and vehicles, control them and destroy enemies with powerful strategies and skills. Tanks in this game will destroy everything that comes in its way, its a smooth experience when crushing opponents under the chain wheels of an army tank. Hills of Steel gives players the task of destroying, raiding, and damaging the forces which are ready to fight with you. The game gives you real field battle experience with trains, tactics, and techniques players use to eliminate their enemies. 

Additional Information

Hills of Steel Mod APK
App NameHills of Steel Mod APK
DeveloperSuperplus Games
Size104 MB
RequiredAndroid 5.0 and Above
Last Updated03/06/2023

When players successfully complete their raids and tasks in the game then they will get real rewards in the game, after receiving rewards you can use them in the games purchasing section for shopping or unlocking some of its premium features. With unlimited coins in the game you can enhance fighting experience with armies. The gameplay and graphics of driving tanks for mass killing of enemies is a smooth task for players who like to fight with tanks in a ground battle.

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The gameplay of Hills of Steel Mod APK

The gameplay of hills of steel mod apk (unlimited gems) revolves around ground war with tanks and hills. Players try to conquer hills with their battle skills and experience of driving tanks wisely. The aim of the game is destroying and crushing everything that comes in the path of a tank. During the fight, players can use various types of weapons and vehicles to destroy their enemies. Using all resources and skills wisely can bring you extraordinary winning celebrations.

In hills of steel mod apk free shopping players have real joy moments of driving a big army tank with weapons and attacking ability on the enemy. With tank driving and destroying everything that comes under its chain is a satisfactory and fun experience for players. The gameplay is easy to control the tank and tough to target the enemies with tank driving. In the mod version of the game you have extra opportunities to win your battles in not time and effort. Be prepared to learn the basics of tank driving and jump into the real ground battles against various types of enemies.

Hills of Steel Mod APK


Enjoy real war game with these core features and have fun in destroying your enemies:


This is the main feature of the game where you have to destroy everything that comes in your way. Tanks are for attacking with modern weapons and crushing everything under their real strong steel chains. Destroying things with wise attacks are necessary for fast win. 


The hills of steel mod menu provides you thrilling fighting modes with different in-game missions and challenges. Accept those challenges and have a real adventure in the war time. Exploring various war fields, trying different weapons, and having unique strategies will add extra layers of fun in your war and adventure journey of this game. 

Hills of Steel Mod APK

Online Competition

The Hills of Steel offers another amazing feature of online competition where any player from any place of the world can fight with other players who are already waiting to start wars. Online battle with real players is an important element of this game. 

Hills of Steel Mod APK

Rank Up

You can rank up yourself by achieving different missions and tasks in the game. The benefits of ranking up in the game is getting multiple rewards and coins. If your ranks are high and you are playing with other players you can inspire them with your ranks. It’s just like a real army. 


This feature of hills of steel mod apk hack download provides players a rare view of the game with engaging in fast working tanks. You can fasten the game with this feature and challenge yourself for getting rid of tough tasks, and special items of the game. 

Unlimited Coins

Hills of Steel Mod APK comes with unlimited coins. Players can use all these coins for purchasing something exciting in the game shops or you can upgrade  premium features and items in the game. This feature enhances your gaming experience with complete freedom of wars. Enjoy an amazing war experience with unlimited coins. 

All Tanks Unlocked

In hills of steel mod apk latest version you have different tanks but you can play these tanks in the regular version of this game, this mod version gives you the freedom of giving you all tanks unlocked. You can use any tank from a wide range of armored vehicles from available tanks. This feature eliminates the need for unlocking tanks through gameplay, giving players immediate access to their preferred vehicles. This feature ends the need of unlocking tanks through the control, avail your preferred tanks. 


Can I play Hill of Steel for free?

Yes, you can play this game for free. Just download, install and enjoy.

Is Hill of Steel Mod APK compatible with all android devices?

Yes, it can be run on all types of android devices.

Is it safe to play Hills of Steel Mod APK?

Yes it is totally safe to play Hills of Steel Mod APK if you are getting it from a reliable source or website. 


Hills of Steel Mod APK comes with multiple mod features and gives you a real war experience with tanks and amazing graphics. The gameplay of this game is based on driving tanks carefully and crushing everything that comes in its way. Mod features like fast-paced wars, unlimited coins and money enhance gaming experience. 

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