Download Homescapes APK Mod v6.2.2 Unlimited Stars

The homescapes APK is a puzzle-based game where you have to rebuild old and broken homes by solving the puzzles. Playrix developed and published the game on 19/Sep/2017. It is available for both devices, meaning you can play it on IOS and Android, but if you have a low android device with android version 4.3, you can’t play it. However, it needs android version 4.4 or above because it is a minimum requirement. If you are bored playing other simulation games, try this incredible game. Download the latest version of Homescapes APK Mod Unlimited Stars.

Additional Information

App NameHomescapes APK
Size171 MB
RequiredAndroid 4.4 and Above
Last Updated14/06/2023
homescapes APK

Homescapes APK Gameplay

The Homescapes APK is based on puzzles, and the game will start with an old broken home, and now you have to rebuild that home. You can rebuild that home as you want, but before upgrading anything, you have to solve a puzzle which gives you money and with these coins or money, you can change any home material. However, it would be best if you needed a better strategy, mind, and IQ level to solve these puzzles because as you go to top levels, you may get challenging puzzles to solve. You must solve any puzzle to buy something for your home.

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Homescapes APK Features

  • Hidden and Secret Puzzles
  • Cute Pet
  • Graphics and sound
  • Several Characters
  • Sole Puzzles & Earn Rewards
  • Play With Friends
  • Multiple Levels
homescapes APK

Hidden and Secret Puzzles

You will get hidden secrets in the mansion because the mansion looks normal from outside but from inside there are lots of secrets in the mansion. You will have a fun time finding these secrets. The puzzles have too much importance in this game because you need to solve the puzzle; you cannot buy anything.

According to the game story, you have to build your home by solving this puzzle, and all puzzles are too exciting and hard to solve. Somehow it is fascinating, and you will always enjoy solving this because, in every new mission, you will get a new puzzle with new designs and colors.

Homescapes APK

Cute Pet

When you start rebuilding your mansion, you will see many animals around your mansion. You can talk with these beautiful animals and also be able to bring these animals to your mansion. And the best thing is that you can train and pet these animals which makes this game even more interesting.

Homescapes APK 4

Graphics and sounds

The 3-D graphics and sound of Homescapes APK are too realistic, which gives you a different vibe while playing. Moreover, it has an exciting sound quality you had never seen before in any simulation game. Overall the graphics are better than others, and most users love the game’s graphics. It has more than 10 million downloads on Google, but you will always see a few complaints about its graphics and sound.

Several characters

In this amazing game you will see several characters like your neighbors who lives there in town near your mansion. These all characters are very interesting because each character has his own story and they all come to your mansion to meet and want to talk with you. Get yourself interacting with these characters and enjoy the real gaming experience.

Solve puzzles and Earn Rewards

The game’s currency is called coins, which is very important because it helps you unlock other levels and buy things and furniture. When you sell any puzzle for a game, it will reward you with coins by discount. You can buy a specific thing to decorate your home. Each person has a specific reward, which means when you go on high levels, you will get a complicated puzzle to solve and then the game will give you more rewards compared to early missions.

Play with friends

Many other simulation games also offer a multiplayer mode, which means you can play Homescapes APK with your friends. However, you can invite your friends by Facebook, WhatsApp and your ID code. Because sometimes, a game will give you missions in the form of daily missions that you must complete with your friends, like it will give you the mission “play with friends, solve the puzzle and earn rewards”. Some simulation games do not offer more missions, but they will give you maximum chances to plate with friends and enjoy the gaming experience.

Multiple levels

The Homescapes APK still gives you more than 5000 levels to play and enjoy the game. There are several games available in Google( Google play store ), but these games are not offered missions or levels to play. It is like a candy crush game, which is endless. Now you can enjoy several missions with exciting puzzles, and each mission or level has different puzzles, which develop more interest between users for this game.

Homescapes APK Requirements

  • The Homescapes is a simulation game available for both devices like android and iOS.
  • But the evolved version of this game is not available for iOS users.
  • That version of this game is available for only android devices and tablets.
  • You cannot install the picture of this file if you don’t want to assist settings that are not enabled on your device.
  • So, open your device settings and turn on the unknown sources.
  • But you have to remember that it’s the priority that your device has been connected with a high-quality Internet connection.

How to download the latest v5.8.5 of the Homescapes APK?

  • It takes effort to download the most recent v5.8.5 of the homescapes apk. Just follow me and follow the steps which I have given below.
  • Click on the link mean download button to download the file of the homescape game.
  • When you do click on the file so it will take very little time to complete
  • But you have to remember that it’s the priority that your device has been connected with a high-quality Internet connection.

How to Install the latest v5.8.5 of the homescapes apk?

  • When the file is complete, download it into a file manager
  • Open the storage of your mobile (file manager) and then download the folder
  • Click on the latest v5.8.5 file to install
  • Once you click so, maybe it will ask you to wait for some minutes
  • When it is completes so, open them and enjoy


It’s an offline simulation game which allows you to decorate your home as you want. Once you start playing the game, you will get the old broken house which needs to be built again, and you can quickly build at home the way you like. But for this all-purpose, you must have phone puzzles that give you a coin to buy things for decoration. It’s a fantastic game in the world of simulation games, and there is no comparison between this game. However, it has 10 million downloads on Google, which shows how famous this game is; if you are tired of finding the best game to play in your free time, I recommend downloading it and enjoying it.

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