How To Change App icons on Android?

You can change app icons on android in multiple ways like as a developer, from an android launcher, or an external third-party android application. Find the details below How to change app icons on android?

All type of customization in an android operating system is possible. Customization is the real power of Android systems. You can change everything from color themes to advanced operating system changes.

How to change app icons on android? 5 different ways

You can change your android app icons on your android in 5 different ways. As per your ease, you can choose one of these for your phone.

  • Icon Changes in Development
  • Icon Changes through Launchers
  • Using Third-Party Apps to Change Icons
  • Modifications
  • And more

Let’s have a look in detail at each of these steps.

Icon Changes in Development

Changing the app icon in a development environment is a professional and legal way to change your app icon. If you are developing your app you can change the app icon at any time but this requires more experience, skill, and technical knowledge. After changing the app icon in your development environment you need to deploy the app each time when changing the icon.

Some languages and cross-platforms give you the facility to change things on a real-time base. Each mobile app development language has its ways to change, update, and upload content on the app.

If you are a master in app development then it’s easy for you to know how to change app icons on android using development platforms. In development mode, you can change your app icons by following these steps. Design your icon image in PNG format (file size should be 512×512 pixels)

change mobile apps icons
  • Open your project in Android Studio, and then go to project view.
apps mobile icon change

3. Highlight a mipmap directory

4. Now go to menu>files>New>image assets

  • Click on the Image button in your app asset section

6. Drag your designed image to the source box

7. Overwrite already existing file

8. Click Finish

And there you go. You have successfully changed your app icon in development mode.

Icon Changes through Launchers

Some important android launchers can do this task easily. You just need to download and install that launcher in your android system and then follow some steps to change the app icon on your android. It’s an easy, fast, and reliable way to change your app icons on your phone. But before downloading and installing third-party launchers on your phone you have to check whether these are virus free or not. Once you are sure these third-party launchers are safe you can use them to change your app icons on your android phone. These are some of the famous launchers you can use to change app icons on your smartphone.

  • Nova Launcher (highly recommended)
  • Microsoft launcher
  • Trebuchet
  • Smart Launcher
  • Lawnchair
  • Kiss Launcher
  • and more

How to change app icons on Nova Launcher?

let’s see how to change app icons on android via Nova Launcher.

  • Down and install the nova launcher on your android phone.
  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed from verified resources.
  • Go to Nova Settings from your phone menu
  • Click on the look and feel.
  • Click on icon style and change icons accordingly.
  • Customize and change the android icons on your phone

Using Third-Party Apps to Change Icons

Customizing icons personalize your phone. Don’t worry if you are unable to change your app icons on android now you can also change app icons on android using other third-party apps. Some of the important and 100% working apps for this purpose are these:

  • Android Icon Pack
  • X icon changer
  • Pure Icon Changer

Download any of these apps and change your phone icons. Let’s see how to change icons in Pure Icon Changer.

  • Download and install Pure Icon Changer.
  • Customize any app icon as per your needs.
  • Crop and adjust your selected image for the icon.


Any type of customization through modification is possible. Android app icons also can be changed through modification. For this process, you have to hire expert android developers. Of course, this method can cost you badly. So, if changing icons is just for interest or only phone’s look, it is better to avoid this method.

Are These Methods for all android phones?

Yes, all android smartphones are designed and developed equally. You can apply all these methods in all android apps. Nova Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, and other icon changer android launchers can be installed on all android devices equally.

How to change app icons on your iPhone?

If you have an iPhone and want to change your style of icons it’s possible now. You can do it by using the shortcut features of the iPhone. By following these steps you can change your iPhone icons easily.

Open the app shortcuts on your iPhone.

Select library tap plus icon and change your app icons.


How to change app icons to images?

Your gallery images also can be changed and replaced with app icons here’s how you can change your icons into your custom photos. In Nova Launcher you can change your app icons into your gallery custom images. To do so follow these steps.

  • Long press on an icon and this pop will appear.
change app icons
  • Now click on gallery apps
change chrome icon
  • Tap on the gallery and chose your favorite picture for icon changing.
change icon


Can I create my own icons?

Yes by using graphic designing software and services you can create your own icons easily.

What format is best for icons?

PNG is a perfect format for icon creation.

Can we change our app icon styles?

Yes using Nova Launcher you can change the style of your app icons.

How to restore original app icons on android?

You can easily restore all your app’s default icons by using the same procedure.

Can I change app icons without an app?

Yes, you can change app icons without using a third-party app. All you need is to install a launcher that can change icons like Nova Launcher.

Conclusion of how to change app icons on android.

This is how to change app icons on android. if we summarize stepwise you can change app icons with external android launchers, and third-party apps, and use default android settings. The easiest and simplest way of changing app icons on android is by installing Nova launcher using its features for icon changes.

In icon customization, you can set your gallery images as an app icon. Changing icons is sometimes important for all of us for security concerns and other purposes. Enjoy new styles and changed phone icons.

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