How to Download a Free App Without Play Store(2023)

Google play store has 2.7 million legal and secure apps on the platform. Any app on the play store can be easily downloaded and used with allowed features by the developer. Want to know how to download apps without the play store?

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You can download apps without Google Play Store using several alternative methods. Here are some of the ways.

How to download apps without play store (official Sites)

Every professional app has its website and some of them allow you to download the app from their website. Downloading an app from an official website is always a better choice you can read their policies, terms and conditions, FAQs, and many more things like support and help.

All android apps can be downloaded from both ways (1) Official reliable sources (2) Third-party Apps. There are multiple play stores for android apps but you can rely upon all of them. If somehow you can’t download it from official resources then you have to download that app from third-party app stores.

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How to download apps without a play store from third-party websites?

You can download almost all apps or whatever app you want from third-party websites like APK websites. These websites are specially developed for this purpose. Official authorities of any company, app, or website always have restrictions on their products, and these restrictions are their many making business points. Some third-party APK websites break their premium restriction and modifies apps. Anyone can download fully cracked versions of all apps from these websites. But when it comes to security and safety most of these websites are not safe and secure. For such purposes, always visit a reliable third-party APK website.

Top 10 Reliable Third-Party APK sites

There are hundreds of thousands of third-party APK websites available. Many websites claim to provide you with reliable versions of apps that can be downloaded from their websites safely and securely. Not all, but some of them are reliable. You can download your desired app from these websites. The top 10 reliable APK websites are:

Google Play Store Alternatives

You can also download apps from the best secure Google play store alternative websites without using Google Play Store at all. Almost all android apps are available on these websites. If you are a developer you can also launch your apps on these platforms. Here are the best Google play store alternatives:

  • Amazon AppStore
  • Getjar
  • Aptoide
  • Opera Mobile Store
  • Gummicube
  • ASO
  • Moburst
  • App Tweak
  • AppBrain
  • and more.

Settings required to download apps without the play store

Downloading apps from the Google play store is very easy and safe. When you download from the Google play store there’s a system behind the store which safe your installed apps from malware and viruses on regular basis. If you’re downloading from somewhere other than the Google Play Store, you’ll need to do some settings on your phone. Follow these instructions before downloading any app from a third-party source or website.

Allow your phone to install third-party apps or on install from an unknown source option in your phone. You can change these settings by following these steps.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on Privacy protection
  • Tap on special permissions
  • Now tap on install unknown sources and on it

What types of Apps are not available on the Google play store

If apps on the Google play store are safe and secure then why people are searching for other resources to download the same apps on other platforms? This is because the Google play store has some restrictions on some apps due to valid reasons like location, content type, and regional legal issues. Many apps are not allowed in some particular countries. These apps are not allowed because the rules and policies of an app or country don’t match or violate some of the country’s laws.

Install Android Apps not available in your country

You like an app but it is not allowed in your country still you have multiple methods to download and install apps not available in your country here’s how.

Root your device and download those apps by changing location from the system but this method is not feasible for everyone.

Download your favorite app from sources that are discussed above in this article like the official website, APK stores, or Google play alternatives.  


Yes, if you are downloading from reliable resources or secure alternatives.

Yes, It’s one of the most important security apps on your android device. It helps you update your apps according to the OS version whether it’s an old or new one.

It’s simple you just need to download an APK file and install it on your phone.

APK is an Android application extension which means Android Package Kit. These files only run on android devices.


Although it’s safe to download apps and games from the Google play store if somehow you are unable to download and install a Google Play Store app then apply all these methods. All three methods of how downloading apps without the play store are safe. Using alternative app stores or third-party APK websites with these methods now it’s possible to use not-allowed apps on your phone. You can now enjoy your favorite application on your phone.

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