How to get unlimited money in traffic rider- Free Method

Traffic rider is one of the most exciting racing games that are loved by racers. To earn unlimited money in traffic rider is the ultimate desire of every racer.

Online games are most adorable activity in this digital world. People are totally dependent on their gadgets and using it to the fullest. Cell phones are easily accessible by everyone in this modern time. And they are often used for playing games whether it is online or offline. As use of mobile is growing day by day, people are more interested in playing games. Keeping this interest in view, developers are more focused to add salient features to the games.

Traffic rider is example of such loved games. Bike lovers who love racing are very much involved into this game. Bikers experience real life dodging and thrilled ride to complete their mission. To complete different mission i.e. racing through highways and cities, you need certain features and bike of your choice.

How to earn unlimited money in Traffic Rider?

There are three different currencies being used in Traffic Rider. Major currency is ‘Cash’ and it is mostly used for buying new bikes or upgrade your existing ones.

Gold is another currency and it is purchased with real currency and some experience points. Now, I will share/ show you how to get unlimited money in Traffic Rider

Play Career Mode as a Beginner

If you are new to the game and are looking for ways to get unlimited money in traffic rider; I would suggest you to play multiple games in career mode. This is one of the most effective ways and it will surely help you to get infinite cash.

Major benefit of playing game in Career Mod is experience. This will equip you with plenty of experience to complete your missions and earn more cash. Though, there are different missions that ultimately reward experience and with some lucrative cash.

The final missions of this game will give you amount of 100,000 cash for each level that you complete. That is huge money, keeping in mind the investment that you made to play this game. Career Mode experience is of high value and importance as it increases your level and motivation to finish upcoming missions smoothly.

Take the Risk

As this game is full of risks and challenges, I would suggest you to take high risks. Riding in opposite line is a high risk and I would advise you to go after it. It might sound insane as going opposite in direction but it would reward you high in this way you can earn unlimited money in traffic rider.

Though it is riskier, riding in opposite lane with the fear of colliding with other vehicles but surviving in this cause will reward you in all terms i.e. experience, money and confidence.

Ride in Endless Mode

When it comes to riding bike you should challenge yourself and test your skills that how skilled you are? To play Endless Mode is alternative way of building experience and earn unlimited money in traffic rider.

To get the most out of this game, you should try two-way mode. In one-way mode they reward hundred experiences for overtaking the vehicle while in two-way it is three-times higher than the one-way mode, as it is more risky and challenging.

Moreover, if you are night rider you can take advantage of playing on night maps on Endless Mode and it will reward you 30 percent extra money. This will assist you to buy some of the expensive bikes with advanced features.

Watch In-game Ads

Watching Ads while playing game is one of the fastest ways to earn unlimited money in traffic rider. It is the easiest way to get more cash and you can get this by clicking on the gift box icon on the home screen. There you will find plenty of options from liking their social media channels and then at the bottom watching video ads to earn some extra bucks.

Limited Ads are displayed everyday so watch them completely to get the most out of it. And get maximum cash from these ads.

Upgrade or Buy New Bike

Once you got enough cash, try to spend a little bit to upgrade your old bike. It will help you controlling your bike more effectively and faster speed to complete your level.

If you desire to play game at highest level it is necessary to upgrade your bike as it would save your time and boost your level up.

If you don’t want to get indulge into complex matters of upgrading the old bike then you should buy a new bike. Every bike has different stats, choose according to your interest and need. Some of them offers great powers while other offer effective control; choose what you love to do.

Extend your Mission Time

Each mission is a time bound but if you complete the mission effectively you can extend your time a bit. Few seconds are added if you end up your mission within given time frame.

Moreover, if you would stay as close as possible to the nearest vehicle it will add more time to your basic timer. As split seconds matter a lot in successful mission accomplishment. You can also get free keys in traffic rider to upgrade your bikes.

Final Words

We have shared best advices and suggestions to get unlimited money in traffic rider. You can achieve best results by following them as they are tried and tested methods. Moreover, you can have different experience while playing and you would learn new techniques.

Traffic Rider has amazing graphics with luxurious bikes which makes it high quality racing game. On top of that, it can be played online or offline both.

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