How to make your phone less laggy?

How to make your phone less laggy?

Smartphones having low speed and performance means suffering from lag. Here’s how to make your phone less laggy. There are multiple ways to make your phone less laggy but which one is safe and secure for your device? We’ve discussed below let’s see in detail how to handle laggy smartphones. Remember you can face lag issues in all types of phones like android, iPhone, and more.

phone lag

What is lag on android?

If your android phone is loading slowly or taking too much time in opening apps or games these are signs of lag on your smartphone.  

  • Overall Phone working Slow
  • Apps or games crash again and again
  • Screen Stuck
  • Taking too much time doing even small tasks
Phone Less Lag

Why is my phone lagging?

Many reasons can make your phone laggy find the exact possible reason and fix it. There are multiple reasons your phone is laggy some of them are these:

  • Faulty Apps Installed on your smartphones
  • Insufficient Phone RAM Memory
  • Insufficient Phone Internal Storage
  • Too Much Big Apps
  • Out-Dated Apps Installed
  • Low Phone Spec

Are these all the above reasons or do some of them make your phone laggier before we know how to make your phone less laggy?

Why I should fix the lag on my phone?

For your phone’s best performance it’s necessary to fix it on immediate bases. You can fix it in many possible ways. But we recommend before fixing must know what are the main reasons your phone is working slowly or laggy.

When you fix your laggy phone it will work fast, smoothly, and in responsive ways.

How to fix lag on phone?

You have taken a look at the causes of why your android phone is lagging? Let’s see how you can fix these lagging reasons to fast up your phone in a proper way.

Fix Faulty Apps

Check all your apps on your phone and see which one is faulty then uninstall or update those apps. Before installing an app on your phone have a look at these points:

  • The app should be from authorized sources like play store etc
  • Make sure all installed apps are updated
  • Send Bug report to the developer
  • Install only secure apps

Insufficient Phone RAM Memory & Storage

If you have insufficient RAM Memory in your phone don’t install multiple heavy applications and games on your phone all heavy apps on insufficient RAM cause laggy performance. Upgrade your phone’s RAM. Low internal phone storage also causes lag on your phone. Keep your storage free for necessary apps and games. If your phone has low internal storage don’t install heavy big apps.

How to make your phone less laggy?

Update the complete operating system

  •  Keep updating your phone’s operating system from time to time it’s good for your phone’s health.

Keep updated on your all installed apps

  •  All installed apps and games on your phone should be updated and secured.

Free up space by deleting extra stuff on your mobile

  •  Extra big files make your phone laggier avoid keeping heavy files in your phone you can shift them anywhere else using other storage devices like USB, Memory cards, or external hard disks.

Always keep your phone cool

  •  Phone processors are like our minds keeping them cool can bring the best results in phone performance.

Delete unused applications 

  •  Apps that are not used for a long time and are still installed on your phone are deleted immediately to fasten your phone’s ability to handle other necessary apps.
  • Install only authorized apps and games on your phone

How to clear cache data from an app on your android phone?

By following these steps you can clear the cache data of any installed app from your android phone.

First, update your phone if it’s alerting you to install updates by taping on the alert box as shown in the picture

mobile lockscreen

Now go to settings and tap on apps

click on apps

Click on manage apps

manage apps

Now click one by one on each app or select a particular app you want to remove cache data like this app let’s clear the chrome cache from this phone. Click on the app icon

select app

Click on storage and then click on the cache to free up your RAM and internal storage.

click on storage

Now tap on cache and clear your cached data from the app.

clear cache


How can I reduce phone lagging?

Yes, you can reduce your phone from lagging by updating system software and keeping it cool.

How to free up RAM?

Clear all cache on your phone and free up your RAM. You can also free up your RAM by restarting your phone.

Can Slow internet cause lag?

 Sometimes slow internet looks like your phone is lagging but on supported phone browsers slow internet is no sign of lag.

What is good lag time?

If your apps and games are opening within 1 second, it means your phone is working fine and its lag time is perfect

Does screen resolution affect phone lag?

 No, most manufacturer design screen sizes according to the performance of your phone.

Does more RAM reduce app lag?

Yes, if you have good RAM installed on your phone, app lag will be reduced by RAM.


This is all about how to make your phone less laggy. Phones with the best memory, update, and security system lag less. But if still your phone is lagging and you want to know how to make your phone less laggy then update your phone, clear your cache, and restart it, Your phone’s lagging errors will be fixed. Avoid faulty apps and too many big and outdated apps. Your phone’s performance depends on how good the phone’s specifications are. keep enjoying your phone features.

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