How to play chess in the new Era Free Guide 22/23?

Don’t know how to play chess? No problem it’s not too late to learn chess. Chess is the most popular board game played by intelligent people all over the world. Winning chess is a little bit complicated but learning about chess and its rules is very easy. Follow this blog and learn how to play chess. For chess, at the same time, you have to know all the rules with a game plan and a wise piece move strategy.

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Things Required To Play Chess

Before playing chess players need to have all these things in front of them:

  • The chessboard
  • All chess pieces
  • Players (two)
  • Calm surrounding heist

With these four things simply, chess is played by at least two players next to each other having a chess board between and chess pieces on it.

Set up the board

At the start of the game chess board should be in a way that all colored squares in the right bottom side. Putting the play chess board in the wrong way can be messy for players to play and understand the game. Once the board is set up now correctly arrange all chess pieces.

Chess pieces

The important part of learning chess is to learn about all the pieces of chess used in this game. Here are the six chess pieces used in-game.

Learn all the details about each piece of chess below.



At the start of the game, each side of the board starts the game with eight pawns. White Pawns are on the second rank while black Pawns are on the seventh rank. In chess, pawns have less value than all other chess pieces. These chess pieces can be moved to in next box for once only. They attack an opponent from left or right. To understand it easily, they can move from top corner squares.


Each side has two Bishops, one on a white square and the other on a black square. When the game begins bishop is considered a minor piece and has only three points. Bishop can move freely in any square if squares are not locked. On the chess board, it moves in an “X” shape.


Knights on both sides are also two. One for the queen and the second for the king. Knight has the same value as a bishop. With three points of Knights, you can jump over other pieces. It moves horizontally for one square only. Knight can move left and right sometimes it also moves vertically like an “L” shape. Knight can eliminate only where it lands on not a piece where it jumps over.


Each side starts with two rook chess pieces. One is the king’s rook and the second one is the queen’s rook. Rook is one of the major chess pieces. It can move as many squares as players need. Rook travels in a “+” shape on the chess board means you can move it horizontally and vertically.


Queen is one of the most powerful pieces in play chess. At the start, each side has one queen. Queen has 9 points in chess. It can move freely like a rook and bishop.


It is one of the most important pieces in chess. The goal of each chess player is to occupy the opponent’s king. On each side, there’s only one King. It’s an important piece but not as powerful as likes rook and queen. When your king is attacked in the game it’s called check and game over.

Understanding the chess pieces and their related rules is very crucial to be a master of chess. Learn rules, moves, tactics, exceptional cases, and special moments for each chess piece and be a master of play chess.

Learn How to move the chess pieces

You can learn chess by understanding the following things.

Learn basic rules, in rules, focus on chess pieces which piece moves in which places, and when to use that piece wisely. Then you can master your chess skills by practicing more time. Along with rules and practice consider these points to learn chess effectively.

  • Follow legends
  • Watch chess videos
  • Engage in online chess communities and forums
  • learn the ways to check quickly
  • Make sharp strategies before the game starts
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How to play chess or rules?

All chess rules are all about learning chess pieces which we have discussed earlier in this blog. Learn about chess pieces and their moves. After learning play chess pieces try to find the following things to master your chess abilities.

  • Learn how to castling in both directions
  • Get out your King immediately
  • Avoid getting checkmated in-game
  • Learn about game draws because it’s better to draw a game than lose
  • Winning Strategies of Chess


Yes, if you can easily understand your opponent’s traits and moves you are blessed with a high IQ.

Although it is tough yet it is possible if you have black pieces on the board and know how to play two-move checkmate fool’s mate.

Yes, for brain exercise to paly chess is perfect.

Due to the hundreds of moves of chess, it is hard to memorize each move to being a chess expert.

Under promoted move of a bishop piece in chess is a rare move made for the first time in 1921

All moves that are not allowed by chess rules are illegal and are a kind of cheating or manipulating game.


Learn chess by understanding the game rules. After understanding put all those rules into practice, and try to find out more ways to move your pieces. For the best results in chess, keep understanding, and practicing chess. If you are facing any difficulty in getting tough rules try to find out some well-explained videos on the internet like this (embed a YouTube video here).

All these tips and tricks will help you play chess in better ways. Keep playing chess and keep your mind active.

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