How to play games on smart TV with phone?

How to play games on smart TV with phone?

Playing your favorite android games on smart TV is a great experience for game lovers. Do you want to know how to play games on smart TV with phone games? Complete methods, techniques, and tactics are discussed here. Follow a method that suits you more.

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How to play games on smart TV via phone (Methods)

You can play your smartphone’s favorite games on your big TV screen easily by following some practical methods. All these methods are working and are compatible with all types of smart TVs and smartphones (except devices that have a different operating system or are not smart enough to run newly updated apps). With these methods, you can run all types of phone apps and games on your TV screen.

  1. Screen mirror apps
  2. Same Company Devices
  3. Wireless
  4. Hardware Solution
  5. External Devices
  6. And more
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Method No.1 Screen Mirror Apps

By using some great screen mirroring apps you can easily play games on smart TV using your phone. Simply call your phone applications and games can be played on TV. These apps share their mutual networks and transfer complete screens with each other. Most commonly mirror apps are used for playing android games on smart TV screens. Some of the best screen mirror apps are:

  1. MiraCast
  2. BubbleUPnp
  3. LocalCast
  4. iMediaShare
  5. Cast to TV
  6. Mirroring 360
  7. Google Home
  8. Plex
  9. And more

Apps, devices, and software of the same manufacturer will work best and give you great results in screen mirror methods.

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Method No.2 Same Company Devices

If you have devices from the same manufacturer or company you can sync them easily to share screens of both devices. For example, if you have an Apple iPhone and an Apple TV, now you can easily sync both devices or can operate the screen of any device on any device. This is an ideal way to play games on your TV. Although you can share the screen of two different company devices. But for that, you have to rely on tactics or third-party mirroring applications.

Method No.3 Connect devices using the same Wireless router

Connect your TV and phone with the same wireless router and install some third-party screen-sharing applications this will help you play phone games on TV. You can follow this brief video to do so.

The hardware solution is also similar to this method. You can also purchase extra devices from the market to make magic with your smartphone and TV.

How to play phone games on Apple TV?

You can play all types of iPhone games and apps on your Apple TV by setting it up properly. To enjoy iPhone apple apps and games on your Apple TV you have to sign in with your Apple ID and then follow all these steps:

  • Download your favorite games from the App store.
  • Airplay is best to share two apple or one apple and other non-apple device screens with each other.
  • Share both devices with the same wifi.
  • Open Airplay in your TV’s setting.

With these easy steps, you can play all smartphone games on your Apple TV easily.

How to play games on smart TV with android?

This is piece of good news for all gamers that they can now play their favorite android games on their Android TV. If you don’t know how to play games on Android TV follow all these steps:

  1. Sign in with your Google account or create a new account
  2. Go to the home screen on your Android TV
  3. Click on “Play Games” to access all TV games.
  4. Select and install the game
  5. Now again visit the home screen
  6. Click on the Game section and select the game you want to play.

All games available on play Store can be played on your both devices android smartphone and smart TV.

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Playing games on Android TV vs Android phone

There’s a big difference between playing games on a phone’s small screen and a Tv’s big screen. For visual and graphic appearance TV screens are best to play games. If you talk about speed and control then smartphones are on top. Have access to your favorite games on both devices (TV and Mobile) and play according to your mood.  

Best TV games

Playing all types of games on TV is not a good idea instead playing some of the most TV-friendly games on the big screen of the TV. These are some of the best games you will enjoy them to play on TV.

  1. Crossy Road
  2. Machinarium
  3. The Wolf Among Us
  4. Crazino
  5. and more

You can also search and select other best TV games as per your interest.


Can I play All games on smart TV with phone?

Yes, you can play if your TV and phone are compatible with those games.  

Can I save my games on TV?

Yes, if your Smart TV has a sleep option you can resume your previous games anytime.

Can you play games on TV without a console?

Connection is a must, but still, by accessing all games remotely you can play games without a console.


Now you got it how to play games on smart TV with phone. This is easy you just need to use some popular methods for this like using screen mirroring apps, Compatible devices, and some technical knowledge. Almost all companies make it easy to sync devices with each other therefore playing smartphone games on TV is not an odd thing. In the upcoming days, it will be more innovative.

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