How to play Monopoly?

How to play Monopoly?

Monopoly is the best classic board game liked and played by many people. Although the game is very interesting but learning how to play monopoly is a little bit tough. Despite the tough game rules, many people have their own rules which are not listed in their official rulebook.


Whether you are going to play with your own game rules or official ones. You have to learn the basics of monopoly or how to play monopoly first. For this, you have to follow step by step guide to learning monopoly.

How to play Monopoly Step by Step?

Monopoly can be played with continuous practice and an understanding of basic rules. Follow this step-by-step guide and learn how to play monopoly.


  1.  Open the game board and put it in the center of everyone to start your learning process. 

Community Chest

  •  Get two different stacks of cards signed with “community chest” marks. Also chose another mark called “Chance”

Player Token Selection

  • Now select player Token each player can take their tokens. Take your token and put it in the “Go” space.

Determine Banker

  • Determine Banker and give cash. One player should have the banker role. This person and player will be responsible for handling the cash. 

Roll for the first player

  •  As monopoly is a rolling dice game you can start it by rolling your first dice move. Remember high numbers with dice will win the game. 

Activate Player Dice

  • Each player can roll 2×6 sides of dice and then the player will move his game accordingly. The player only can move in one direction at the same time. 

Choose the Property to buy

  •  If you have rolled now you have landed on a property it’s time to own your property by buying another player’s property in monopoly. 

Pay rent

  • After rolling if you are spotted in a place that is not a property, now you can rent a property. Because your rolling dice is on a place that is not a property. 

Specialty Space

  •  If you are landing on a place on the board which is not a property and you are one of the 11 specialty places. These spaces don’t have price tags. You can see a full list in the specialty space below.


  1.  During the game, anytime players can make a trade with each other or bid on a property depending on the rules of the game they are playing. 


  1. In-game properties you own can mortgage or unmortgage. When your mortgage, flip it and collect the mortgage value from the bank. During a mortgage, you can not build or rent any property. 

Buildings and Monopolies

  1.  Buildings and Monopolies are the keys to the game. This is the backbone of the monopoly game. Your whole success depends on this. Properties with the same colors you own are called a real monopoly. Now you can build and collect huge rents. 

Pass Dice, Repeat, and Win

  1. After your turn, you can pass the dice to another player. This is how you can repeat other activities. Once a player cannot pay someone it means they are out of cash and their all properties are finished. 
  2. The game will remain end with one player left at the end. 
win monopoly

Monopoly Rules 

These are important monopoly rules that will help you understand how to play monopoly like a pro. 

Roll the device on your turn. If your dice landed on an open property you can’t buy property from the bank. All players can make bids, initiate bids, and end the bids. The only player who will get property who bids the highest. If a player lands on space that he owns then he is responsible for getting and collecting the properties, and rent and can get other game assets.

If the same number is rolled on both dice the dice will be rolled again. If you are in jail you have 3 ways to get out of that jail.

1. by rolling the same number on both dice it is called rolling doubles.

2. get out of jail through a free card these cards can be drawn from chance or community chests.

3. you can come out of jail by paying 50$. If a player owns all the properties of the same color then rent will be double. When a house is a property the rent will increase according to the cards. Houses can be split among portions. If banks run out of houses and hotels remain to sell in this case players will have to wait for a house or hotel to be sold back. 

monopoly rules


How to win Monopoly?

You can win a monopoly card game with the help of some known tactics or tricks. All you need to win monopoly are the following things. 

  1. Learn rules
  2. Understand how rules work
  3. Practice playing monopoly
  4. Watch playing other pro players. 


This is all about how to play monopoly. The game is considered one of the toughest board games of all other games. But you can learn it by following all steps described here in this article. Learn rules, practice yourself, and watch other pro players playing monopoly. These are the simple and easiest method that can help you win play monopoly.

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