How to play scrabble?

Today we want to show how to play scrabble. This is an amazing English word board game. The game is played by joining letters as they give any meaning or make any meaningful word. Scrabble is played by 2 to 4 players. The game board is divided into 15″x15″ square boxes. Players make words by joining letters in different directions up, down, left, and right.

scrabble game

You can play it in different variations. This game was invented by a new word lexiko in 1938. An American Alfred Mosher invented the scrabble game. The Scrabble game has evolved into its current form through various stages of development. Let’s learn more about this game.

What things do you need to play scrabble

For scrabble, you need some things to play the game. Playing game with available maximum resources gives you the confidence to win. These are the things you should have before playing Scrabble.

  1. Board with 2 racks
  2. Players (2-4)
  3. Word Spells
  4. Tile Bag
  5. Two score sheets
  6. Pencils with eraser and sharpeners
  7. Game Timer

Make sure to have all these things before playing Scrabble. You can find all these things from your nearest local store or online stores.

play scrabble game

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How to play scrabble? (Rules)

Before playing Scrabble you must know all Scrabble rules. Playing any game with rules you already know, will boost your game-winning chances. These are the important Scrabble rules:

Scrabble rules are divided into these groups

  • Notations system
  • Sequence
  • Ending Game
  • Scoring Rules
  • Acceptable Words

Generally, Players should initially draw 7 tile letters on their rack First player needs to combine 2 or more letters to form a meaningful word and create it on board All words can be formatted in all directions (up, down, right, and left).

Notations system

In the notation system, all columns are labeled with letters between A while rows have numbers between 1 to 15. If single tile play forms a word in any direction then one word will be chosen as the main word for notation.


According to Scrabble’s sequence of play rules before starting the game, some resource word lists or a set dictionary will be selected to create a challenge. Titles can be put in both an opaque bag or on a flat surface. Then players will decide the order or sequence in which they will go to play. For custom tiles, each player draws one tile. If a player picks the letter closest to the start of the alphabet goes first. The blank tile will take place over the letter A. In some game rules instead of this common rule, only those players go first who have won previous games. They follow the sequence rule in a tie situation. 

Ending Game

The game will end if there’s no tile remaining for both players. Also, these are the situation of the ending game.

  1. All players played all tiles on their track
  2. Six scoreless turns and players decided mutually to end the game
  3. Overtime if a player takes much time to take his turn (10-minute overtime limit in Scrabble)

Whenever the game will end the score of players will be reduced by the sum of their remaining unused letters. If a player played in a way that there’s no tile left then the other player’s remaining tiles will be added to that player’s score.

Scoring Rules

Scoring in Scrabble is considered if

  • Each word formation makes the score
  • new word scores separately, in the end, these new word scores are added
  • Blank tiles are considered as zero score
  • hook word scores separately
  • In case of coverage of both letters and numbers, letters will be considered first
  • If all letters have been played, the final play will be considered a winner.

Acceptable Words

You can set your own agreed dictionary with all mutually acceptable words to begin your Scrabble game. In allowed words remember these rules:

  1. Symbols, proper nouns, and marks are not allowed. 
  2. All agreed words are allowed even if they are against the rules
  3. Famous competitive word lists can be found on the internet
rules for scrabble

How to win scrabble?

Although Scrabble is not easy to win, still you can win with some working tips like these:

  1. Try to use 2 and 3-letter words wisely.
  2. Simple words are the foundation of Scrabble’s win.
  3. Use prefixes and suffixes
  4. With the help of a blank tile and the letter “S”, you can also win because the game has only 4 “S” letters learn to use them wisely with blank tiles.
  5. Take advantage of a bingo turn.
  6. Use hooks

Using all these wise moves you can easily win the scrabble game. Practice can make it easy for you to win scrabble make each move cleverly and understand your opponent.

Variations of scrabble

Scrabble has different variations on different platforms and devices. the best and most famous Scrabble version is Super Scrabble. This is a newly licensed scrabble variation launched in North America. You can play scrabble in all these ways

  • Scrabble Software
  • Video game version
  • Online version
  • TV version
  • Original Scrabble board game

With these Scrabble and many more different minor variations are being played all over the world.

Video Tutorial

Want to learn more about scrabble and its ways of playing? Follow this video tutorial on YouTube.


Can we set our dictionary in Scrabble?

Yes, you can set mutually agreed words to play scrabble.

How many squares are there on the Scrabble board?

The game board consists of 15 x 15 square grids.

Who has the official rights to scrabble?

Hasbro in the USA and Canada and other parts of the world Mattel has the game rights.

How many players can play Scrabble?

2-4 players can play Scrabble

In which language is mostly Scrabble played?

In English

How many tiles are there on the Scrabble board?

100 tiles 98 are marked with letters and values from 1 to 10.

Which letters are commonly used in Scrabble?

All vowel letters are commonly used in scrabble.


Scrabble is one of the most famous board games all over the world and can be played in different variations. Some of its rules are fixed while some of the rules can be created on the spot with the agreement of both sides’ players. You can learn how to play scrabble by learning basic rules, tactics, and tricks. With focus and an active mind, you can win scrabble easily. See you on board…!

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