How to Play free Zombies on Call of Duty mobile 2023

Playing Call of Duty mobile on your Device is a kind of great fun activity. They recently released a new version of the game on 28 October 2022 with zombies’ updated features. Here’s how to play zombies on call of duty mobile with these new updates. Games played in zombie mode give a different experience especially if they are updated according to the new changes in zombie trends.

Call of duty

To enjoy zombies’ mode on COD mobile you have to learn first how to play zombies on call of duty mobile with details. Find the complete exact guidance about zombies in call of duty mobile.

How to play zombies on COD Mobile

To play zombies on COD mobile follow these steps:

  • Go to the main menu and click on the “zombies” tab on the right bottom side of the screen.
  • Select game mode from the sequence of casual, undead siege, or undead siege hard.
  • Now tap on “START” and start your desired zombie game on Call of Duty mobile.

This is how you can be in zombie mode on your Call of Duty game and enjoy your scary gaming experience.

Are Zombies on COD Mobile Back in 2023

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It’s impossible to have a fighting game without a zombie’s options and modes. With zombies, the gaming experience takes on a different dimension. So gaming companies make sure that war-nature games must have a zombie option. In this race then why Call of Duty mobile and their team are left behind, they also continuously test zombies’ modes in different versions of the game and add it to their game with new updates. So Zombies mode is there in COD mobile for 2022.

How to win Zombies on COD Mobile

Win any game requires wise strategies, practice, and an active mind. In Call of duty, you can also win zombies on COD mobile with these tricks easily.

To win on COD you have to play in teams. Playing solo is much more difficult than playing in teams.

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Play in the daytime it will help you get more ammo, turrets, safety towers, guns, and other game benefits in lights. Don’t forget to repair your basement during that time.

Master yourself with game control center

By using these tactics you can expect 25 exclusive rewards in the game. Arrange your weapons on regular basis.

How to unlock the zombie mode Call of duty mobile

All players who have downloaded the game with recent updates can easily discover the zombie mode in COD. Although they hid it for some time now it is working fine internationally. If still, you are unable to find the Zombie mode in your Call of Duty mobile then unlock zombie mode by reaching the 5th level of the game. Once the 5th level is completed, it will be unlocked automatically.


Yes, COD Call of Duty is free for everyone.

The Warzone version is free for everyone without any game credits.

it is about 175GB depending on versions and variations. The size is huge because of the game’s high texture resolutions and ultra HD graphics.

Call of Duty: Moder Warfare II is the latest version of COD

16GB Ram is recommended for playing Call of Duty on your device.


It is easy how to play zombies on call of duty mobile you can find in-game features as discussed in this blog. Each new release set new rules for zombies. Update your call of duty version and check how to play zombies on that call of duty. It is simple usually they put it on open features so you can access it easily but sometimes they put some level restriction to unlock the zombies’ option on COD.

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