Use Grammarly App Free Guide 2022/23

How to Use Grammarly App?

Use Grammarly is the best tool for dealing with the errors we made when writing any type of text. Here is how to use the Grammarly app on any kind of device.

We need to write many times in our daily life. As a human, there are chances we make mistakes.

Grammarly is the best tool for dealing with the errors we made when writing any type of text. Here is how to use the Grammarly app on any kind of device.

Grammarly removes all minor and major mistakes from your written text. It’s based on AI technology to detect your writing style, context, and meaning and will suggest you proper words accordingly. Before using it on your devices you have to learn how to use the Grammarly app while writing any kind of text.

How to Use Grammarly on all devices?

The UI and UX of Grammarly are awesome. Anyone can use it easily. No matter what level of English writing you are at, this tool will be very helpful for you. Grammarly is used to correct grammar mistakes from basic to advanced levels. It gives you many options to keep your writing error-free and professional. Here are easy steps you can use to learn how to use Grammarly App on all devices.

  • Create an Account Grammarly
  • Write or Paste your text into Grammarly
  • Remove Mistakes

Create an Account on Grammarly

Creating an account on Grammarly is as easy as drinking a glass of water. Anyone can easily create an account on Grammarly by putting their necessary details in the required form boxes. After creating an account you will be able to save, edit, and write your new and previous documents in your Grammarly account. It is also the best way to save your writing pieces on Grammarly All you need is an account and the ability to sign-in to the website.

Write or Paste your text into Grammarly

Once you have created an account on Grammarly now you can use almost all features of Grammarly which are free. After creating an account and signing in you will see this interface.

  • Click on the new document and keep your writing great.
  • Paste any type of text there, and Grammarly will detect the errors and correct them automatically.
  • Now follow the suggestions given by Grammarly by clicking on blue boxes your text will be replaced with suggested words.
  • You can also upload long texts and documents on Grammarly.
  • All your written articles will be available for future use.

How to Use Grammarly App on Mobile?

Such a magical app should also be present on your mobile phone which will not only remove mistakes from your English writing but also make it perfect for the professional level. Here’s how to use Grammarly App on mobile.

  • Go to Google play store type “Grammarly” (its already downloaded on my phone)
  • Download and install Grammarly in your phone.
  • Change keyboard settings and use Grammarly on your phone.
  • Adjust the Keyboard look and continue with light theme.
  • Now your Grammarly keyboard for mobile is ready to use.
  • You can use Grammarly’s suggestions like this in your smart phone.

All Grammarly suggestions in mobile are on top left corner of your mobile keyboard by tapping them you can use them in your writing as shown above in an image.


Yes almost it is 100% correct but it is an AI-based machine learning project. It may make some mistakes that the intelligent human mind does not.

Yes, you can upload a complete long document in both free and premium versions of Grammarly.

In the free package, you will be able to remove basic writing and Grammer mistakes while the premium gives you many advantages like context correcting, writing style suggesting, sentence proper structure advice, and more.

Yes in Grammarly you have options for basic documentation of text.

If your overall score is more than 90 then you are good to go.


This program is designed for all types of English writers. Grammarly is perfect in all written variations you use daily. It is compatible with all digital devices. It works better on computers, laptops, or tablets with a keyboard. You can also use it on your mobile phone as an additional keyboard. But in removing errors and suggesting corrections it will work the same way as it does on other devices. Keep your writing mistake-free through Grammarly.

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