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The Hungry Shark APK 2023 is a shark-based game where you have to control your shark and eat fish and other things underwater to increase the size of your shark. Ubisoft Entertainment published and launched the hungry shark game on 22/Feb/2013 and it is available on Google Play Store. The Hungry Shark Evolution APK has incredible features with high-quality features which enhance the graphics quality. If you want to enjoy Hungry Shark APK then download from the link given below,

Additional Information

Application Name Hungry Shark APK
Application Size131 MB
PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
Application rating4.5
App PriceFree of cost
Last Updated14/06/2023
Hungry Shark APK

Hungry Shark APK Gameplay

The actual theme of the Hungry Shark APK Evolution is you have to control your shark; otherwise, you need to be alive as long as you can survive. There are a lot of creatures to eat underwater, and otherwise, there are humans who come to enjoy swimming there. You can also eat them because the game’s theme is that sharks have to eat everything and protect themselves from the big things surrounding them underwater.

The graphics and sound of the game are fantastic, and on the other hand, while playing the game, you need to have remembered that there are several things underwater that can kill you, so you must have to save yourself from these. Moreover, the shark size also increases by eating fish, humans and birds etc. the game has a total of 10 levels, meaning the highest level is level 10.

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What is Hungry Shark Evolution Hack Mod APK?

Hungry Shark Evolution Hack Mod APK is a modified version of the original Hungry Shark Evolution game for Android devices. It typically includes features or resources that are not available in the original version, such as unlimited money, gems and unlocked levels.

Hungry Shark APK Features

  • 3D graphics
  • Several kinds of fishes
  • Enemy sharks
  • Go deep and eat fishes
  • Play offline
  • Active power booster
  • Multiple mission

3D graphics

The graphics of the hungry shark apk game is very high quality, attracting the users the most. It also has a very sharp and High-frequency sound system which is too realistic. Overall, the game’s graphics and sound are too realistic, and you may feel authentic vibes while playing this fascinating game. There are multiple kinds of sharks game available on good, but the graphics and sound of the game are better compared to the hungry shark APK.

Enemy sharks

There are a lot of tweets in this game because every new user thinks that there is no enemy in this game, and it is straightforward to win the game. But unfortunately, there are many big sharks and other giant creatures underwater that can kill you quickly. It would be best if you protected yourself from these giant creatures because, in every mission, you must go into the deep ocean to complete missions and earn rewards.

Hungry Shark APK

Several kinds of fishes

Once you do, start playing the hungry shark apk game so you will get several kinds of fish to eat. As I told you above, the theme or story of the game is that your shark has to eat every kind of fish, bird and other underwater animal. However, everything works as food for the shark. And when you eat those, the size of your shark becomes bigger. Otherwise, if you go deep, it’s dangerous, but you may get more delicious food.

Go deep and eat fish.

When you start a game as a new player, on top of the water, you can’t get several kinds of fish to eat. Somehow, go deep, get delicious food, and explore the deep oceans. Moreover, remember that in deep oceans, you have more difficulties and face more dangerous creatures. So be aware of these all before going into deep waters because if you die, the game will start from zero.

Hungry Shark APK

Play offline

The main feature that makes it more exciting and inviting because most people like to play offline games when they get bored, so you can play them anytime and anywhere. Many individuals don’t have the internet every time, so they can’t play any online games. So hungry shark games allow you to play offline, and if you are getting bored and don’t have an internet connection, then you can play this fantastic game.

Active power booster

It may help you protect yourself from other hungry sharks or ocean animals. The power booster means that when you enable it, your shark will swim faster and protect itself from other animals. Otherwise, this feature is also used to attack other fishes, birds and humans etc. it’s a handy and unique feature because when you go at high levels, you need to go deep into the oceans there; this feature helps you protect and eat other creatures.

Multiple missions

When you properly start playing, you will get numerous missions to complete, and during the mission, you may see an evaluation of the sharks. As you complete one mission and go for the next, you have to face more difficulties and problems; however, every mission has more surprises, and every mission has its rewards. According to the game, once you complete one mission, you will get rewards and coins; with these coins or money, you can buy several things from the shop.

Hungry Shark APK


  • The official version is available for every device like both IOS and android
  • But the advanced version is just available for android tablets and mobiles
  • Your device (android) must have android version 5.0 to play this game or above, then it
  • Turn to unknown sources before installing the latest version of the hungry shark game

How to download the latest v9.06.10 of the Hungry shark APK?

  • Go above and click on the download-mentioned button to download the file
  • The procedure( download process) will need some time to complete
  • Connect your device with a better or high-quality internet connection to download it fast.

How to Install the latest v9.06.10 of the Hungry shark APK

  • Once your apk file is downloaded into your mobile storage
  • Open your mobile storage ( file manager) and then go and find the download folder
  • Click on the file and install it
  • Now enjoy the Hungry shark APK


As I told you above in the article, the game is too unique, and you may feel different vibes. There are many shark games, but it is much different than all of these, and the main advantage of the game is that it’s an offline game. Compared to other offline games, it has fantastic graphics and sounds

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