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Magic Tiles 3 APK are a popular game worldwide, with more than five hundred million downloads on google( google play store). The game was developed and published by AMANOTES PTE LTD on 24/Feb/2017, and it has awesome features. The gameplay is not too simple because you have to click on the tiles at the right time then you will get a better sound. Many piano tiles are available globally; however, magic tiles 3 apk is much more popular and better than all. On the other hand, in this game, you may get multiplayer mode, where you can play it online.

Additional Information

Application NameMagic Tiles 3
DeveloperAmanotes JSC.
App size125 MB
ReuirementAndroid 5.0 and Above
Last Updated08/06/2023
App PriceFree

Gameplay Of Magic Tiles 3 APK

The gameplay is based on the musical note or tiles falling, and you have to tab one by one on these tiles. While playing this amazing game, you must focus on the game because these tiles fall too fast, and you must tab on every tile at the correct time; otherwise, you must start the game again. However, it’s much different from other piano tile games, and you must feel something new while playing this. There are two previous versions of a saga which are good, but Magic Tiles 3 APK is the upper version, which has everything better than theirs. It has new features, fixed bugs and also improved gaming performance. 

Magic tiles 3 APK

Magic tiles 3 APK is a very famous game throughout the world because of its features and game environment. In this game, you will also get an online multiplayer mode in which you can play with other online players. When you play online and complete the task, you can unlock more songs, and you must show your skills to other online players.

Magic Tiles 3 APK Features:

  • Simple and attractive gameplay
  • Game controls
  • Beautiful songs and graphics
  • Several mods
  • Daily rewards
  • Connect your account with social media
  • Customize theme and board
  • Play free

Simple And Attractive Gameplay

The gameplay of the Magic Tiles 3 APK is straightforward. If you play this fascinating game for the first time, you may not have any problems; however, starting the first time gives you a tutorial to understand the game. Otherwise, it’s much easier because you have to click on the falling tiles. After playing two to three games, you must feel comfortable with this game.

Game Controls

The game is too simple and easier than other piano tile games, and the controls of the game are also too simple. The game controls are simple, but you must focus on every tab because you must tap on the correct tile at the correct time. If you make any mistake, you will start the game again.

Beautiful Songs And Graphics

In magic Tiles 3 APK, you will get the latest songs, making this more addictive. It’s the first android game that introduced these kinds of songs and graphics. Enjoy the latest songs with classical piano music. 

Magic tiles 3 APK

The graphics are amazing because of the theme, design and game environment. While playing this big game, you may feel different vibes that you never felt before, and once you complete tasks, you can unlock more themes and gameplay.

Several Mods

Magic tiles 3 APK allows you to play in several unique modes. It’s a classic mod where you can pick up and enjoy the game.

1 Custom Mod

You can select a custom enemy if you don’t want to play a game against random opponents. In the game, you can challenge anyone; otherwise, you can play this game with your friend.

2 Band Match(mod)

Most people like to play music with several bands, and other games do not have this feature. But this game allows users to play their favorite songs with several bands like piano, guitar, and many other bands. 

3 Challenge Match

Magic Tiles 3 APK allows you to complete challenges with worldwide players and complete many tasks. You must show your tapping speed, and also, it’s time to show or prove your skills globally. If you complete a challenge and win the match against the world’s best player, you can rank yourself worldwide.

4 Battle Match

If you are confident about your skill, you can beat everyone in taping speed to do battle matches with worldwide players. Otherwise, you can do a battle with friends. Otherwise, if you do battle against several world players, it may improve and polish your skill.

Daily Rewards

On the other hand, magic tiles 3 APK introduced a daily rewards option in which you will get tasks daily. You need to complete these tasks, and you will get rewards and prizes daily, which you can use in the game to buy or unlock something. There are different tasks and rewards daily, and you must have to complete these tasks regularly. If you don’t complete the tasks, you will not get any reward and cannot unlock any feature in the game.

Connect Your Account With Social Media

If you do connect your account with any social media account so you may be able to unlock many features. You can sync your account easily, and your game will save into an online driver. Once your account syncs with any social media, your game will save in that account, and you can sync your game anytime and on any device. 

When you do connect with any social media, then it may allow you to know which of your friends are playing this game. Hence, it makes it simple to play the game with your friends.

Customize Theme And Board

We had seen two versions of the magic tile game, which was not too customizable. To make it more attractive and interesting, they introduced this awesome feature in which you can customize anything. You can customize themes, the board, the falling tiles’ looks, colours and the game’s background. This should make the game more pleasant and inviting to the people. When you customize the theme, you will get some different refreshing interfaces and fascinating visual effects. It’s also why this game is more famous than the older version.

However, it’s too customizable, and this feature attracts more individuals than other versions. Once you customize the theme as you want to, this will attract you more because you maybe feel something new.

Magic tiles 3 APK

Play Free

Magic Tiles 3 APK is free, and you don’t have to pay. It’s also available on google(google play store); otherwise, you can download this big game from our website.

Magic Tiles 3 APK Requirements

  • You must have android version 5.0 or up version then 5
  • It is compatible with all types of devices
  • It is also compatible with all types of iPhone

How to download and install the Magic Tiles 3 apk

  • Step 1: To download the latest version of the magic tiles 3 apk, You need to click on the download button, and downloading will start automatically.
  • Step 2: Now go to your Mobile file manager and install the latest version of Magic tiles apk
  • Step 3: And you’re mobile ask you to enable “unknown sources” 
  • Step 4: It may take a few minutes to complete the installation process.
  • Step 5: After this, click to open the game and Create your account 
  •  Step 6: Enjoy the Magic tiles apk 2022


  • Having a modern song
  • Multiplayer battle mode
  • Having an online ranking system
  • Modern Gameplay


  • It’s similar to piano but not. Feels like original
  • All songs need to play ads

Frequently Asked Question

Is magic Tile 3 free?

Yes, Magic Tile 3 is free, and you don’t need to pay anything for it, and it is also available on google(google play store).

Is Magic Tile 3 offline?

Yes, magic Tile 3 allows you to play some modes offline, but not all modes of the game.

What is magic tiles 3?

The game is based on the musical note or tiles which are falling, and you have to tab one by one on these tiles

When was magic Tile 3 made?

Magic Tile 3 was developed and published by AMANOTES PTE LTD on 24/Feb/2017.

How to play magic Tiles 3 apk?

Magic tiles 3 apk is also similar to other piano tiles games in which you must ignore white tiles and tab on the black tiles. All these tiles fall, and you must tap on the correct time if you make any mistake, so you must restart the game.


The magic tiles are the advanced and upgraded version in which you will see many changes. It’s better than the old version of this game and has fascinating features, making it more inviting. On the other hand, you will never face any bugs or other issues in this version. 

It would help if you felt a different vibe while playing this amazing game which is different from older versions. It is the most popular game worldwide, with more than 5(five) hundred Million downloads on google(google play store).

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