Download Plague Inc APK v1.19.10 All Unlocked for Android

The Plague Inc APK 2023 is based on the strategy, and the game’s story is that the virus is spreading worldwide, and you have to save the world. The game was offered and published by Ndemic Creations on 04/Oct/2012, and it has more than a hundred Million downloads on Google (google play store). The game has incredible 3D graphics, and it also offers a smooth and simple( easy) gaming experience. The game has an overall great story, and there are many excellent features available in this game. Download the latest version of Plague Inc APK and enjoy the game,

App NamePlague Inc.
Version v1.19.10
Size82 MB
RequiredAndroid 4.4 and Above
Last Updated20/06/2023
Plague Inc APK

Plague Inc APK gameplay

The game’s theme is based on diseases spreading worldwide, and you are one to save the whole world. You have to give information to the people about how they can protect themselves from deadly diseases, which means you have to train individuals on how to deal with them. There are around infected people present, and scientists are looking for a cure or antidote for this dangerous+ disease. It would help if you needed a good strategy because it’s crucial to protect the world from deadly diseases or how you deal with them.

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Plague Inc APK

Plague Inc APK Features

  • Diseases
  • Infected countries
  • Game tutorials
  • Save the game
  • Several languages
  • Graphics and Sounds


Plague Inc APK has 12 different types of diseases, which have their abilities. It means that all of this has different kinds of powers and various types of infections. On the other hand, these all are too dangerous for the people, and the main motive of the game is that you must know how to protect people from these dangerous diseases. Otherwise, these are deadly diseases THROUGHOUT the world, which we have never seen before, and scientists are searching for these fatal diseases.

Plague Inc APK

Infected countries

According to the game’s story, more than 50 countries will be infected by these diseases. This means almost all of these diseases are spread all around the world. Famous countries like New York, Belgium, London, the UK, France, etc., are also infected. You will enjoy the game because I said features like you have to protect these countries from disease, and also you have to give knowledge about this disease to the people who don’t know about it, and they don’t know how to protect themselves from it.

Game tutorials

Suppose you are a new player, meaning you’re playing this amazing game for the first or second time and don’t know how to play it. For This, the developer has a unique plan, and they put tutorials of the game for the new players, which means that if you installed this game for the first time and when you start playing it. It will give you tutorials on how you can play it. Once you learn the game, open the settings in the game and turn off the tutorials.

Otherwise, you can open the tutorial any time you want because sometimes players do not know what to do and open the settings and turn on the tutorial at that time. After that, turn off this game’s tutorials.

Plague Inc APK

Save the game

It’s a most helpful feature for any game because sometimes, when you are playing a game, you have to quit it, but for some fun, you will not get the option to save it. It will give you a chance to save your game, like when you save the game, and after some time, when you return the play, the game will start from where you saved it.

Several languages

The Plague Inc APK has several languages; if you are not English, you can select any other language. It has many languages like English, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, etc.

Graphics and sound

The graphics of the game are much improved than before; otherwise, the sound quality is incredible. Overall the game you will get many details in the graphics game is fantastic because everything in this game has its sound, which enhances the gaming experience most.

Plague Inc APK

Plague Inc APK Requirements

  • The plague Inc APK requires Android version 5.0 or above than 5
  • The original version of the game is available for IOS and android users.
  • Somehow the advanced version is not available for IOS users.
  • This is available just for android tablets and android mobiles.
  • It is compulsory to turn on unknown sources from the device settings; otherwise, you can’t be able to install the game.
  • Connect your device with heavy or excellent internet connectivity because everything depends on the internet means that downloading speed depends on the internet.

How to download the latest v1.19.7 of the Plague Inc APK game

  • Open chrome or google and search the game’s name on the search bar.
  • After this, open the first or above website.
  • Here, you will get a download button.
  • Now scroll down or maybe you will get above and click on the button to download this app file.
  • After that, the file will automatically start the downloading process.
  • Connect your device with heavy or excellent internet connectivity because everything depends on the internet means that downloading speed depends on the internet.

How to Install the latest v1.19.7 of the Plague Inc APK game

  • When the process of downloading will complete
  • Open the download folder in your file manager
  • Click on the APK file of recent version of plague Inc to install
  • Maybe it will take some time
  • Now click on the settings of your mobile and turn on the unknown sources
  • Enjoy the most recent v1.19.10 of the plague Inc


The game’s story is unique, boosting the gaming experience, and most people love it. Many games are available, but they need graphics and a gaming experience like this. Therefore it has more than a hundred million downloads on Google, which means the Google play store. It represents how much people love this game, and the main thing which makes it more famous is its features and story of the game. So if you like this type of game, download this game and enjoy the gaming experience of plague Inc APK game.

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