Our Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Our Website riderapk.com, and we, as the owners, managers, and content creators, are responsible for all types of material on this Website. We try our best to provide you with all the tech news, information and trending topics related to android games, their modified versions, and others. We are ready to help all our visitors on the Website with our privacy policy.

The Privacy Policy we have is all about the types of data stored on our Website, including posts, comments, and links, whether users or we generate it. Our privacy policy applies to all our sources, products, and information.

Your Personal Data on our Website

We do not have a formal program to ask for directions or sell any of your personal information. We take your privacy seriously in the information you provide in the form of comments.

Your private information (such as name, email, etc.) may reach us from your comments. We are not authorized to share and sell it anywhere.
If you create an account on our Website, now or in the future, whatever we receive in the form of data or information, we are also bound by its secrecy and are not authorized to sell or share it anywhere.


When you land on our Website, read a blog, and at the end of the comment section, want to give your valuable feedback, there is a comment option where you leave your feedback. All your these comments will be considered (if they are approved or pass our privacy policy)as public domain.

We may receive some of your personal information when you provide feedback, but that information would be based on the content you voluntarily provide us. We will never edit, manipulate or change your provided information in the comment section, And we respect your privacy and do not use or sell it for commercial purposes.


If you provide or upload any content in any form on our Website, whether images, videos or any other form, to any part of the Website, the same may be downloaded and used by users of the Website and sent by you. The content will go into the public domain.

Other Website Content

Some articles on the Website may be embedded in images, videos, or text from another website, in which case we respect the policies and rights of the respective party. This information may be embedded through other means, such as cookies, monitoring, or tracking.

How long will we keep the content you provide?

Suppose you are a registered user and submit any information, data, or files through any of the means mentioned earlier (which are most likely only comments). In that case, we do not impose any parole restrictions on it, but rather it would be available directly on our Website without any further change. All your provided data is publicly available. We will remove it only at your will or request.

What should you consider?

When giving us any feedback or content in the form of comments, please ensure that you are not spamming the Website. Spam will be automatically detected, or we reserve the right to remove it.

Things to keep in mind while commenting.

  • Try to avoid any spamming activity at all.
  • Avoid swearing.
  • Unintended links and promotions are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not post advertisements for your services and products.

This is all you need to know about the information you will give us in any form.

Google Ads on our Content

Reading this page or any other page or post on our Website you may see ads between the content. Google serves these ads, and those ads monetize our content. Google has a clear policy about all these types of ads in the content. You can read more at this link https://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html

We may change our policy because of changes in the policies of other parties connected to us. But in such case, we will update this page of our privacy policy, so you don’t need to know our policy from any other source.

Contact us in case of any problems.