Subway surfers APK for PC

Subway Surfers APK is mainly designed for mobile phones, but there are many effective ways to play it on your computer or enjoy the special version of Subway Surfers APK for PC. What will be needed to play on the computer? From what sources can the game be obtained? How to play it? We will try to find answers to all these questions. Undoubtedly, this is a well-known game played on the mobile phone screen, but only a few people have experience playing it on the computer.

When you enjoy a game too much on the small screen of your mobile phone, you have a desire in your heart that wouldn’t it be nice if you played this fun game on the big screen of your computer? If you are also one of such game players, then today we will explain to you in full detail in this article how you can play this game on PC in different ways. There is no significant difference in the gameplay when playing on the computer, just the same game with all its features on the big screen. The only thing you will need to practice while playing on the computer is controlling and playing the game with the keyboard.

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How to play Subway Surfers APK on PC?

Subway surfers APK for PC

To enjoy this game on the computer, you have various options from which you can choose one according to your convenience and play this game on your computer. Here are the three ways you can play this game on your PC’s big screen.

  • Download Subway Surfers Game for PC
  • Download Subway Surfers APK for PC
  • Play Subway Surfers Online

Download Subway Surfers Game for PC

As mentioned above, this game was mainly made for mobile phones, but later, due to its huge popularity, many PC versions came onto the market. Choose any one PC game according to your choice, download it and enjoy using it after installing it on your computer. There are many websites where you can download these types of games. To download this game, follow the steps below.

  • Visit Subway Surfers APK for PC
  • Click on the First result and find the game file
  • Download and install it
  • Enjoy your favourite game on the big screen of your Personal Computer

Subway Surfers Game Controls on PC

Different PC versions of Subway Surfers have different control keys on the keyboard. Usually, most of the PC versions of Subway Surfers use mouse keys to control the game while playing on the PC. You can also play the game through common gaming keys on the keyboard. Some versions allow you to define the game control methods at your convenience.

Download Subway Surfers APK for PC

This is the same type of game that you play on Android. In this, you run these mobile files with the help of special applications made for PC, which are designed to run all Android apps on PC. You can play this game on your PC using the following step-by-step methods.

  1. First, download and install the specific applications on your computer for this purpose. Here are some of the names; you can choose any one at your convenience.
  • Bluestacks
  • Nox Player
  • MEmu Play
  • LDPlayer
  • Remix Player
  • Genymotion
  • And more
  1. Now understand the basics of this software, how it works and how it is used on the computer. Generally, they provide you with a virtual Android device that runs on your computer screen.
  2. Now create a Google account on this virtual device or sign in with an existing account.
  3. Now you can download any of your favourite games from the play store to this virtual phone and play them on a computer.
  4. This is exactly the Subway Surfers APK on PC for you. Play and enjoy the unlimited journey of running.

This method is most effective for running any good Android game or application on a PC. You can easily run any Android game on your computer through this method.

Play Subway Surfers Online

Subway surfers APK for PC

If you feel that your devices are incapable of carrying the weight of a heavy game or application, then you can play them online. You can play this game online through different sources like sources. It will take a while to load. Then the screen will open as it is played on your mobile phone. You may encounter ads while playing. You can play this game on the website on the small screen or full screen. It is a kind of Subway Surfers APK for PC, and we are sure you will like it.


This game has many great features that make this game number one in the running category and is extremely popular among people of all ages worldwide. Some of its best features that make it a great game are below:

  • Grind the obstacles
  • Best HD graphics with full of colours
  • Hoverboard surfing
  • Paint Power Jetpack
  • Challenge and help friends
  • And more

Subway Surfers APK for PC gives you all these amazing features on a big screen. Let’s talk about each of them in some detail.

Grind the Obstacles

Now you can crush every obstacle in your way by running away with your cunning moves. You should improve your basic skills to learn this fall of the game. Once you master it, you crush every obstacle like a careless man trampling dry autumn leaves under his feet.

Best HD graphics with full of colours

The visuals are good, and the colours are chosen wisely. Playing such a game on the big screen means enjoying a world of colours that can only be imagined. The game gives you the best graphics that make your gaming experience a favourite. The highlight of its graphics is that you get to see game elements like they are rendered in high-quality 3D versions. The colours and visuals of this game are in no way less than a great game.

Hoverboard surfing

Running and suddenly floating on the hoverboard is the highlight of this game. Hoverboard surfing allows you to cover long distances faster and outrun the guard chasing you with his dog in the hope that he will catch you. A hoverboard not only helps you to move fast and glide, but it also can break every obstacle that comes your way. You can pick up a hoverboard from the game menu, but you need to have game credits in the form of coins or stars.

Paint Power Jetpack

This is the amazing feature of this game which will give more enjoyment on the computer screen. In it, you get a jetpack that is full of colour. As soon as you get the jet pack while running, the jet pack will fly you over all the obstacles in the way. Your flying over the obstacles is also not in vain, but there are lots of game credits that you can collect quickly with the help of a jetpack and increase your wealth in the game.

Challenge and help friends

You can also play this game with other friends. For this, you need to connect your game to the internet so that your friends sitting on the other side can join you. Once friends are connected, you can challenge them by playing against them, or if someone is your partner, you can help them. The biggest advantage of this feature is that it strengthens your friendship and makes you an expert in the game.

What’s New in the Latest version

Subway surfers APK for PC

The game has recently introduced many features not part of it earlier. Among them are the top world tours. With the help of this feature, you can travel around the world in the same style as the running game. The rest of the new features are as follows:

  • Play with Super Runner and unlock your first fun character.
  • Some of the characters in the game have been enhanced with this addition of characters, as well as their equipment, such as their clothing, etc.
  • Now you can also run in-game marathons starting from your location and ending in Berlin.
  • The game has been freed from many bugs.


Are Subway Surfers Available for PC?

Yes, it is available separately in the PC version, but you can also use the Android version using other methods.

Is Subway Surfer APK free on PC?

Yes, this is an escape game to be played on the computer, which is completely free. The main character is Jack, who you control.

How can I Play Subway Surfers on PC without Downloading?

You can also play this game on your PC without downloading the above procedure.


This game, played and loved worldwide, involves the character of a child who runs to escape a guard and his dog. The game is designed so interestingly that its avid players love to play it on the computer’s big screen. It would be just like Subway Surfer APK for PC. Keeping this need in mind, the management of the game has introduced unique versions that can be easily played on PC. Some websites allow you to play this game online without any extra tension. 

Playing this game on a computer is as easy as on the small screen of a mobile phone. You can also easily play it using the mouse. The game has many important features, including obstacle crushing, amazing graphics, hoverboard surfing, and the use of jetpacks. All these features help the game players play their games with more fun, enjoyment, and fun. The game is also updated, which is important for players who want some change.

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