Top 10 PC games of all time

Playing high-resolution best games on PC is a very good experience. No matter what kind of gamer you are, playing these top 10 PC games of all time will be a unique experience. In terms of game quality, graphics, video quality, and gameplay we have selected these games for this list of top 10 PC games.

This game list is exciting for those who are enthusiasts of playing games on the computer. The statistics for all these selected top 10 PC games of all time are the number of downloads, updated releases, low to high computer compatibility, graphics, and gameplay.

Top 10 PC games of all time

Whether you are new to video games or an advanced gamer, you know that the best game has the characteristic of not letting you get bored and keeping you playing with full interest. After a lot of research and findings, these are all the best PC games that you are going to enjoy playing. No way to get tired badly while playing these best PC games.

1. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is at the top of the list of best pc games. With the best gaming graphics, scenes, and levels you will enjoy it. Grand Theft Auto is for players of all ages, anyone can play it easily. This game is easily available on the internet. You can search for some of its free versions. GTA has different variations some of these variations are modified versions while most GTA types are officially released. The game is consisting crime stunts, car racing, car theft, set targets, talks, and many other interesting things are there in-game.


2. Half-Life 2

Half-life 2 is the second most popular pc game played all over the world. In Half-life 2 you will enjoy a complete fighting experience with real war environments. You have the ability to change your guns, ammo, dresses, and other game features to enjoy it according to your wish. The game is based on original storytelling and can be played in different modes. If you like shooting games on your PC Half-Life 2 is a game that you should try and learn how real shooting job work. Play the game and make each and every moment enjoyable.


3. Minecraft

Some games are specially designed for all types of PC users Minecraft is one of them. According to the research of Polygon, Minecraft is one of the greatest PC games ever designed. 20,400,000 people search for Minecraft on monthly bases. From this, you can gauge the popularity of this game. If you are an advanced player you know it already but if you are new then definitely try this game. Surely you will get a new best experience by playing this game on your PC. This is basically a blocky game with some maps and levels. The gameplay of Minecraft is very simple level by level everyone can play it on a PC.


4. Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a war-fight video game with the best-written script. Characters, vehicles, cities, sites, and many more things will give you the real fight feel. The video quality of Disco Elysium is superb mainly because they are continuously updating their graphic quality for the best gaming experience. The game can be explored via storylines. Disco Elysium is not recommended for kids under 12 because it evolves brokenness, sexuality, and drug addiction. The complete game layout is designed like real-life scenes. For PC gamers it’s an extraordinary job to play Disco Elysium on their PC.


5. Portal 2

What about a PC game in which you can exercise your mind muscles and sharpen your brain for multiple other tasks? Portal 2 is a game where your brain will be given many tasks and game levels through its title puzzle feature. You have to go through many test chambers to complete the game all these game activities involve your powerful thinking ability. The game has many puzzle layers and levels, players need special abilities of analytical reasoning to solve them easily. Playing Portal 2 video games on your PC is all time best for your rest life activities.


6. Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 is the perfect PC game for those gamers who enjoy video games with dramas, fun, and fiction. Yakuza 0 comes with japans cultural values. In the game Tokyo’s uncle’s rule is very unique you can put him where you need him in your game. Your punches, kicks, and thinking process are the main weapons you will use in-game to fight the bad characters of your story. The game has other best features you will really enjoy all of these features like motion graphics, the best scenes, amazing 3D quality, and more. 


7. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a fun based multiplayer (inside the game) video game for PC. More than 50 players at the same time you can pick and play with them. Different colorful maps and graphics make this game real entertainment for gamers. You can play Apex Legends with teams of multiple players. The game’s main task is to have a clown. This game is just like an action movie you can play it on your PC both ways online and offline. Smashing your enemy with greatly selected weapons is great fun you definitely enjoy it.


8. Crusader King 3

Strategy Games are always better to play on PC. This game is also based on great stories you can tell or create your scenes and stories in the game. Crusader King 3 has a dense system that is accessible by players. Although the game is complicated yet newcomers can learn it by playing with the game at basic levels without complexity. This is the game where you will enjoy your entire created empire with multiple great assets and opportunities.


9. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an action video game for PC. This is of the top of best games for PC because of its user rating ratio. 93% of people rate it positively and like the game’s entire action system. Elden Ring Ring is as popular as you can imagine. This is the only game you can’t afford to not have on your PC. If you are a real gamer and yet have not tried it, go and get it now it’s one of the top best video games. 


10. Dishonored 2

This is an amazing video game for PCs with amazing graphics, motions, and scenes. Most players of this game love its weird hand scale to the rest of the body. The game is filled with stories, drama, fights, friendship, and fear. Dishonored 2 is an updated version of this popular game you will play it again and again. Multiple mods can be chosen for gameplay.



So these are the top 10 PC games of all time you can enjoy on your PC every time whenever you want. Remember these are our selected best games as per their important qualities like graphics, gameplay, stories, ratings, and reviews. You can explore more Top 10 PC games of all time.

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