What is Max Combo in Traffic Rider? Achieve Super 40 Max Combo

Max Combo in Traffic Rider is a task given to bikers at the start of the mission in which player has to survive or avoid collision with other vehicles. If they successfully complete their mission without striking with any car or truck they earn gold and money.

For Beginner or new players Max Combo numbers are less in given time period. As soon as, they increase their level their Max Combo limit also increases. They have to complete more combos in less time. Because this racing game also focuses how fast the player is racing and completing his levels.

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Quick Ways to get Max Combo in Traffic Rider

Curious and excited players are always in search for quick ways to get max combo. They can get max combo in short time by applying our strategies. Firstly, they have to win more coins and cash so that they can upgrade their bikes. With these premium bikes they can drive faster and get max combo by successfully completing their mission in short span of time. If they reach their point without any collision with traffic on the road they will get high scores and max combo in traffic rider.

How to play for free and get Max Combo in Traffic Rider

Traffic rider is modern online racing game that can be played for free. This game was android supporting at the start but with its popularity developer added features to download and play on PC.

This is an absolute free to play games but if you are racing enthusiast I would recommend to invest some money to buy a bike. However, you can play it without spending a penny. You can earn gold and cash to upgrade your bike.

It is a 3D animation game with high graphics and well-designed simulations which give you real feeling of bike racing. Riders wear helmet and move on the streets and highways to enjoy their moments. They avoid collision with other vehicles. If they survive and successfully complete their mission they earn good scores.

To have the better gaming experience excited racers are inclined to play on big screens. Moreover, they want to get infinite cash to upgrade their bikes with more attractive features.

What does gold do in traffic rider?

Gold allows the players to restart after they run out of time, or they can get the wrapped gift by clicking on the button and earn free gold. Gold also helps to get max combo in traffic rider.

Moreover, users can earn gold by watching videos and liking the game on social media platforms. Subscribing or following each platform will reward you with free 2 gold coins. To get unlimited money and gold you can follow this link.


Traffic Rider initial release date was December 23, 2015. Though later it was modified and many of its versions were released.

Traffic Rider latest version is 18.1 Apk. This is a great masterpiece and amazing update and having endless challenge in the game.

Usually players are advised to ride a bike with the traffic and survive but if they run against the traffic they are rewarded with more points.

Players do not lose any numbers if they fail to complete their mission. Though, if they complete their mission within given time they are rewarded with extra cash and coins.

Traffic Rider does not cost anything. It is totally free game.

You can download free from the App Store.

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