What is the fastest Highest Score in Traffic Rider?

Highest Score in Traffic Rider game showcase the rider’s abilities and skills to play that game. Every game player loves to score maximum to stay at top. This achievement gives them plenty of in-game bonuses. They can unlock multiple levels and enjoy unlimited extra features to boost their game.

Game developers add score features to arise thrill and curiosity among players. They spent more time playing and making maximum scores. Likewise, Traffic Rider game has also this exciting score feature to keep its players engaged and curious.

List of Highest Score Achievers in Traffic Rider

We have arranged a list of High Score achievers in Traffic Riders. Since the launch of this game, these are the top players who has conquered and marked their name.

If you are new player and curious to play the game. To play traffic rider for free click the link.

Itz Harry tops the list of High Score Achievers with 118,180 scores

Franklin Marhal is on the second number with 117,840 scores

Mark Violen is on the third with 110,170 score

List of 30 Players with Highest Score in Traffic Rider

XD Ghichu89905
Cherry Flo89704
Bhimber Rock89304
Johnny Fredrick88953
Merry Jo88773
Chris Brown88302
Laal Din88102
Happy XD88055
Rose Franklin87954
Eden sh87557
Walen Kh87309
Manta Wan87007
Hasaranga 86868
Qatba Wen86308
Jatinder Singh85300
Faizan Najeeb84705
Smiling Prince84105
King Maker84009
Mental Guru83005
Bike Lover83000
Ajwa King82007
Prayem King82000
Notting Trot81007
Carlos Isazk81000
Grace Kim80070

Why Highest Score in Traffic Rider is important?

Traffic Rider game is widely loved by game lovers. It has been downloaded over 100M times which is really a crazy number by any game. Moreover it has 8.14M reviews according to Google Play store which makes it distinguishing from other games. It also shows how many people are eagerly watching and playing this game. Beside playing game, they also want to dominate the top position and want to achieve high score in traffic rider.

Bike lovers are enjoying their game and their streaming their online gameplay for others to enjoy as well. They have their bike riders communities where they love to showcase their riding skills and desire to get due appreciation from their fellows.

Tips to get High Scores in game

You can achieve high score in traffic rider not only with skills but you can also apply tips to get ahead of others. I would like to share a few tested techniques and tips to help you stand out from other players.

Try to win more gold so you can unlock fast bikes with some extra features and complete your mission before time.

Avoid collision with other vehicles and try to overtake very closely to earn more cash.

Earn more gold and coins by riding in opposite line and taking risks. This will help you to get extra scores.

By following above mentioned tips you can easily make high scores in traffic rider and grab top position on the leader board.

Final Words

After the release of game, there are numbers of players who made different records in traffic rider. Some of the scores are recorded while others are not presented for appreciation.

In the start, it was difficult for players to get high scores due to unfamiliarity with playing modes and different tracks. Gradually, they got the understanding of the game and improved their skills and gameplay to complete different levels and achieve highest score in traffic rider. We would suggest you to play at least 1 time this game if you are bike lovers.

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