World Record in Traffic Rider in 1 Super Ride

World record in traffic rider

3.048.109 M is World Record in Traffic Rider. These scores are recorded on Mar 21, 2019. It was new and high achievement in the world of racing.

Existing World Record in Traffic Rider

1.444.309M was the previous highest score in the game. But another bike enthusiast broke this world record and achieved a new milestone. If you are interested to download and install traffic rider follow the link.

How to get Highest Scores in Traffic Rider?

To get the highest scores in traffic rider you have to be careful about different things. You have to play dangerously and try to escape as much as possible. You have to play in endless mode. Players have to earn more cash and coins to upgrade their bikes and complete their missions within given time. To earn more score you have to overtake the vehicle very closely it will give you good scores.

Role of Money in Traffic Rider

Players have observed this thing that money plays an important role in Traffic Rider Mod APK. Bikers can unlock any bike of their interest with the available money and curb their racing desire. They can avail bikes with high speed or with other different features. These high speed bikes help you complete your missions quickly. Moreover, it helps you to increase your score when you achieve your tasks within given time frame.

Role of Coins in Traffic Rider

Coins are alternative for money. If you lack money but you have coins you can get all the benefits that you can get with the money. You can use these coins to upgrade your bikes and earn high scores with these bikes. People use different tricks to collect these coins and use it when they want to purchase something in game.

Missions in Traffic Rider

There are over forty missions in Career Mode to play and enjoy the game. There are different set points to mark the completion of mission. Either you have to cross a specific numbers of car or you have to complete within given time. If you comply any of the rule stated; Overtaking or time limit; you will complete your mission and earn more scores.

Why People Like to Ride Fast?

This question is often asked by people who are against the racing games. They state their reasons to avoid damages caused by rash racing. In real life, most of the people also don’t like these rash driving activities.


  • Riding in opposite direction will give you some extra scores.
  • If you can do, go for wheelie and you will get bonus scores.
  • Drive over 100KM speed and overtake the vehicles and you will get bonus scores and cash.


Traffic rider has millions of downloads all over the world. Enthusiast bikers love this 3D game with the amazing quality graphics and different modes of play. Bike Speed, bike control and other features like different routes to play on in different modes made it unique from other gaming apps.

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